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Powdered peanut butter

June 21, 2018, 2:55 pm

A local bulk food store is offering powdered peanut butter. I have tried it in bread (1 tbsp per loaf), and on granola (a generous spoonful in a 1/3 cup serving), with no distinct taste enhancement. ... Read more »

Re: How do I get large holes in English Muffins

November 2, 2016, 11:44 pm

I am really looking forward to trying this recipe but for some reason the measurements for water and baking soda come up as a ?...Can you please clarify for me how much water and baking soda you ... Read more »

Magic Cake recipe anyone?

November 1, 2016, 5:53 pm

MSN news came up with Magic cake but not a detailed recipe. How much flour for example. Also temperature seems critical to get that layering :- Read more »

Flour from Sacramento Valley wheat?

July 13, 2016, 2:35 am

Does anybody know where I might buy a bit of flour ground from wheat grown in the Sacramento Valley? I'm curious to find out what sort of bread it makes. At one time (late 1800's) wheat was a majo... Read more »

Food the happiest of traditions - Reviving old recipes

July 11, 2015, 10:37 am Read more »

Re: "CCF" Cookbook

April 14, 2015, 6:21 am

This is an old post I know, but if it's still active, and you found an answer - please let me know. Thanks. Read more »

Nuutti - nutrient calculation software

March 26, 2015, 9:47 pm

Nuutti - nutrient calculation software Information on nearly 10,000 foods Nuutti is the leading food and nutrient calculation software. Free Nuutti -basic version includes: - Nutrient information... Read more »

Christmas Biscuits

December 4, 2014, 4:40 pm

Hey guys, just gotten into baking and I'm looking for some help. I saw these Christmas biscuits online and I was wondering about the process of making them: 'Biscuiteers Christmas Biscuits, Cakes, G... Read more »

steam vegetable with silicone steamer in home

November 23, 2014, 2:18 pm

When you want to make a flesh vegetable ,you need to use silicone steamer to deal with it . First ,prepare the vegetable ,clean the vegetable and silicone steamer . The second ,boiling the water in... Read more »

pay attention to use the silicone pan

November 17, 2014, 12:07 pm

Silicone bakeware are widely used in our family ,when we use the silicone cake pan ,something we need to pay attention . 1 , Accordint to the silicone baking pans heat ratings ,fit into the temperat... Read more »

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What is an "egg" actually doing in a flour recipe (onion rings) a...

My kid and I am just learning how to cook, and I keep seeing these recipes that call for an egg. For example, we were making onion ... Read more »


Texas Roadhouse rolls

been to a Texas Roadhouse steak house last week for the first time. their rolls are out of this world, i see there are a few ricipes out there, anyone here that made them and can suggest a trie... Read more »