Chocolate cake from hot cocoa mix??

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Here's a weird one. My 2 year old last night decided that instead of the
cherry chip cake I was prepared to make she'd prefer a chocolate cake for
her birthday on Saturday. Not having prepared for this I find myself
scouring the cabinets for cocoa and coming up almost empty. Now.. I have a
bunch of hot cocoa mix.. and considering it's sugar, cocoa, dry milk powder
and a little salt I figure it must be possible to use a few of these
packages and come up with a reasonable chocolate cake. I did, however,
consider that someone out there somewhere may have already adapted some
recipe that's been proven and that it the point of this query. Anybody have
a chocolate cake recipe that uses hot cocoa mix as an ingredient?
Specifically.. this is Swiss Miss Chocolate Sensation.. a wee bit more
chocolate flavor than your typical mix.

Please post here as my email is not valid.. I already spend too much time
every day deleting spam. THANK YOU!!

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