Circa 1975: LAUSD Peanut Butter Cookie Bars?

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For YEARS I have been wishing for the recipe for the peanut butter
cookies that I had as a kid in elementary school in the mid-to
late-70's. They used to sell them for .15 each and they were cut into
big bars. I was in 2nd grade and at "nutrition" break we would run up
to a side door at the cafeteria and could get these cookies and milk
(or chocolate milk, the ultimate combination!) or orange juice (which
was .15; milk was .10)

Anyway, I was going to try and send a note to the LA Times, since they
were so kind as to print the LAUSD coffee cake recipe back in 1995,
and see if they might be able to get the peanut butter cookie recipe.
I made that coffee cake last year and took it to my work, and walked
around asking people if they went to school here in Los Angeles. If
they did, I would say "do you remember the coffee cake?" which was
always met with a heartfelt "Yeah!" then I'd give them a piece of what
I'd made and then just watched the swooning ensue.

I'll post the coffee cake recipe in another message, since I mentioned
it. But if anyone happens to have that cookie recipe, I would be
thrilled. I've made lots of great peanut butter cookies but none of
them are quite the same as the ones from Toluca Lake Elementary around

Re: Circa 1975: LAUSD Peanut Butter Cookie Bars?
Jen wrote:

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Since I haven't had the advantage of living in the LAUSD in the 70's,
could you describe them? Were they layered, topping, etc.?


Re: Circa 1975: LAUSD Peanut Butter Cookie Bars?
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OH boy. Yes, I can describe them. They were peanut butter cookies, bar
style, with absolutely no peanuts or chunkiness, just smooth, very
chewy and kid friendly. That is, no topping, no frills. Soft in the
middle, but not gooey, as they still managed to sort of 'soft-bend-
break' at the edges. They were usually warm from the oven. About 3/4
inch thick. I've made lots of peanut butter cookies in my day, but
none taste quite like these. I don't know if it was butter, oil,
shortening, or what that they used but it was amazing. In the winter,
we could get hot chocolate as well. Wowza.

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