Guitar cake - tips/ideas?

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Hi all,

We were thinking making a guitar cake for our Wiggles-crazy 2 year old.
 It does not seem like it would be too difficult but we have yet to
actually put a plan (schematic etc.) together.  Our accomplishments to
date are a semi truck and a turkey (uncooked look).

I know you get a guitar shaped cake pan but we were thinking of doing
this from scratch.  using rectangular pans and just cutting out the

Does anyone have any ideas?  or websites that might have pictures or
hints and tips?

Also, if anyone has a recipe for a heavy (dense) pound cake, something
that would be easy to carve.  Most of the cake mixes (we found) tend to
fall apart fairly easily.



Re: Guitar cake - tips/ideas? wrote:
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Why not go Semi-homemade...
buy the sponge/angel food cake, one round to shape that has the hole
for the guitar and a long bar type cake you can cut in half and make
the long part of the guitar.  Use red/black candy whips for the string.
 Maybe use jellybean type candy to stick out on the sides at top for
the string.  You can use some of the left over candy whip to make
"notes" on the guitar.
I once made a "Pool Party" cake for one of my kids...
regular cake frosted.  Make a blue pool area, using frosting dress
"Teddy Grahams" in bathing wear.  Couple of toy palm trees etc...  was
a big hit.  She's 22 now and still talks about it.

Re: Guitar cake - tips/ideas?

chiquita wrote:
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Thanks Chilichick!

I was hoping to make the cake from scratch.  I made the sponge cake for
a semi truck that we had and it was really dense, easy to cut & carve
etc. I had a hardcopy of the recipe and have since lost it....



Re: Guitar cake - tips/ideas?
Click on fancy shapes.

Re: Guitar cake - tips/ideas?
Can't help with the cake but am delighted to see something Australian so
popular in the US - sorry but I'm making an assumption that's where you
live.  My daughter is just about to turn 9 and I was devastated when she
announced she was too old to go to Wiggles concerts - they always play just
before Xmas in Sydney, their home town.  We used to see Murray Wiggle (the
one with the red shirt) at our local library and he used to buy Indian food
at the same place as us.  Our daughter refused to believe it was Murray as
he wasn't wearing red...

Good luck with your cake!

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Re: Guitar cake - tips/ideas?

Viviane wrote:
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Actually, interestingly enough I am in the US but I'm from Canada :-)
And so our two year old is both American and Canadian but that doesn't
mean anything to him at this age.  Incidentally I have a family in
Australia too (Perth, Melbourne and Sydney).

We're taking our 2 yr old to a Wiggles concert next month. not sure how
that is going to go over as he's never been to one before and when
watching it on TV or DVD/DVR it's easy to watch things over and over or
rewind etc.  He might not like the live concert as much but then
there's the atmosphere etc. .. we'll find out soon enough.


Re: Guitar cake - tips/ideas?
In one of the many interviews I've seen with the Wiggles I remember one of
them saying that kids always get a shock when seeing them live because
they're so big.  On TV they're only a few inches tall, whereas in the flesh
they're about 6 feet tall!  Hope you enjoy the concert and that it's the
first of many for you.  Don't forget to learn the dances before you go - any
parents here who don't know the words to Wiggles songs must have been living
on another planet!

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