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Do any of you still lingering here attend bead shows in your area? If so,  
which ones are your favorites and why? Do you have a favorite bead show  


Re: Bead Shows
On 6/2/11 7:33 PM, Linda2 wrote:
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I wish there was a bead show around here. Every fall there is the "Bead  
Bop". You buy a ticket and tote (one time only) and visit all the shops  
participating. It sounds like so much fun and I'd love to do it once.  
Maybe this year I'll just do it and let my husband have the hockey  
driving instead.


Re: Bead Shows
That Bead Bop sounds like fun! What area are you in?

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Re: Bead Shows
I'm in New Hampshire, US. I think it is 6-7 shops, mostly smaller ones.  
I've been to a few of them, but would love an excuse to bead shop all day.


On 6/3/11 5:55 PM, Linda2 wrote:
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Re: Bead Shows
Unfortunately, our local bead shows are miles apart. My favorite one, Amy's  
Beads, has "bead night" once a month, where you can bring your works in  
progress and cheerfully bead with other like-minded beaders. If I were to go  
to the local bead shops all in one day, I could easily put over 50 miles on  
my car.

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Re: Bead Shows
Oh I'd be putting a lot more than 50 miles if I were to try and do Bead  
Bop. The way to do it is with friends and make day of it and split the  

On 6/4/11 9:48 AM, Linda2 wrote:
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Re: Bead Shows
I buy a lot of seed beads from Beyond Beadery when I see them at
shows. I do the Houston International Quilt Festival and they are
often there, as is Shipwreck Beads and a few others. I like the Bead
Renaissance Show in Denver in the Fall and there is a Bead Bazaar
along with the Gem and Mineral Show in Denver in the Spring.
Sooz spoke very highly of the BABE (Bay Area Bead Extravaganza) that
is twice a year in San Francisco. I know other vendors there but
havent been myself.

Re: Bead Shows
On 6/3/11 9:18 PM, Sarajane wrote:
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hmm - you have given me an idea - I know the ladies that run Celebration  
of Needlework. And I know a bead shop owner very well. I wonder if I  
could get them together.

I've been to couple of gem and mineral shows, but I don't recall ever  
seeing beads other than already strung.


Re: Bead Shows
We get the Bead Mercantile show (Janes Fiber & Beads) twice a year, in  
January and June, the Down The Street Bead Show twice a year, Intergalactic  
twice a year, and every now and then E-Bead shows (small  but quality  
vendors). I usually stock on seed beads at the Bead Mercantile, although  
Atlanta Beads also has quality seed beads. Once a year we get The Best Bead  
Show in Miami, which has great vendors and amazingly low prices. I may have  
to check out Beyond Beadery online.

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Re: Bead Shows
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Been to BABE and we have the International Gem and Jewelry show here
this weekend, I usually hit the gem shows.

Re: Bead Shows
The nearest bead show to me is in Anchorage, 350 miles from here.
That's a drive of at least 7 hours each way.  I've been to the BABE
bead show in Oakland when I visiting family, but usually I'm in the
area either for the holidays or some other function.

Linda, Amy's "bead night" sounds like a great thing.  There was a
group doing something like that a while back.  I should see if they're
still doing that.  People in Fairbanks tend to do a lot of things for
themselves  -- arts, food preservation, cultural dances, powwows, etc.

Another monthly thing a friend of mine does relates to Sarajane's post
about Sally Burger.  My martial arts buddy teaches yoga, and once a
month does "yoga church".  Everyone gets together to do yoga and
brings the name of a cause they support; and all money collected goes
to the cause that is picked at random.


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Re: Bead Shows
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Sorry I am so late in responding; just did my quarterly check in and
found this thread.

We have the Portland Bead Society Bead Bazaar in Nov and Art and
Elegance of Beads in April/May. Joined PBS just so I could volunteer
at the Bazaar - way too much fun for a bead addict! The Bazaar is
mostly beads and accessories. A&E is mostly finished beadwork. Then
there are the Gem Faire shows and the Bead Faire and Renaissance Bead
Show and a couple of others.

As to my favorite vendor(s), ah, most of them! I'm hopless, I guess.

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