Free Right Angle Weave patterns?

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I'm looking for a source of free RAW patterns for bracelets to use
with Crystals.  Can anyone help?

Re: Free Right Angle Weave patterns?
On Sun, 2 Nov 2003 11:31:02 -0500, Jenna wrote

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Nirvana for all things RAW is Chris Prussing's site:

Chris uses the two needle method, but there's one heck of a lot of stuff
there.  OTOH, I never use patterns for things like bracelets in RAW.  The
stitch lends itself to so much embellishment, because of all the room between
the beads.  I often start out with a plain base of 6 mm cathedral beads and
one row of RAW.  Then I go buck wild or not, depending on my mood.  The base
bracelet is a superb place to use all your onesies and twosies and funky old
pressed glass beads that don't have a home otherwise.

BTW, I _only_ use a spectra line (PowerPro, Fireline) for RAW.  Bracelets
tend to take a beating, crystals can be sharp, and I don't baby my jewelry.  
I have kids who've been wearing right angle weave anklets non-stop all school
year, and they're holding up perfectly.  Nymo would be a distant memory by

Oh yes, December's Bead and Button has an amazing RAW bracelet in it, IIRC.

Kathy N-V

Re: Free Right Angle Weave patterns?
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Hi Kathy, I was wondering if what you said here means that you don't use
crystals, or that you do, and find they work good with the powerpro or

Re: Free Right Angle Weave patterns?
On Sun, 2 Nov 2003 19:20:33 -0500, LiisaAnn wrote

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Oh yeah, I use crystals.  Lots and lots and lots of crystals.  Swarovskis
usually have nicely finished holes, but less expensive varieties (Celestial
Crystals comes to mind) are often rather sharp. Since I give away all my
work, the cost of materials is a concern, and I can't afford to give away
Swarovski to every person I meet on the street.  

PowerPro, Fireline, Spiderline fusion and the Cabela's house brand (RipCord)
are all pretty equivalent (I "test drove" every brand I could find and wrote
a review for Bead Notes a while back).  There are minor differences, the way
the item drapes or the ease of threading, but all are plenty sturdy enough to
handle pretty much anything a bead can dish out.  Once in a great while I get
a razor sharp bead that cuts the thread, but I probably should have culled it
beforehand anyway.

The only gotcha is the fact that every one of these lines is a pain to cut.  
They're so strong that normal scissors cannot cut them without leaving a
ragged edge.  The tool that you need for spectra lines is a pair of
_children's_ Fiskar scissors, available at any discount place for about a
dollar.  Something about those scissors, and only those scissors, cuts the
line cleanly.  I have worn out two pair of the Fiskars, but that was after
using at least two 1,000 yard spools of line per pair of scissors.

BTW, I just bought the new Cabela's version of line, and will give it a
test-try.  It's supposed to be silicone coated and very resistant to
tangling.  I'll report back later.

Oh yes, the tiniest diameters are just fine for needleweaving with the line.  
I usually buy the four or six lb. test, and it all fits easily through a size
15 beading needle.  The advantage to that is that I can make multiple passes
of thread through almost any bead without breaking the bead.  However, I have
never used those "33 to the inch" beads, and can't comment on how well the
Spectra would work on those.

Kathy N-V

Re: Free Right Angle Weave patterns?

Now I know what I did wrong.  I spent an hour and several cuss words trying
that last night.  I am visual when it comes to instructions.  Yours are
perfect.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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