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Re: Residual Bead Release?
Yes a dremel is much faster.  I was working with hand tools as well and the
dremel is tons faster.

Starlia Klopman

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Re: Residual Bead Release?
The Dremel is a lifesaver... I have a regular plug-in Dremel that has a  
flex-shaft attachment, much, much lighter than using a batter-operated  
Dremel so if you have to clean a lot of beads it doesn't kill your arm.  
Less vibrate-y too! I just hang the Dremel on a hook on the side of the  
cabinet near enough to the sink that the flex-shaft reaches just fine.


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Re: Residual Bead Release?
Alright the votes are in.  Time to get out the dremel!  And I have the
flexshaft attachment too.  Wheeeeeee

Kathy K
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Re: Residual Bead Release?

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somewhat of a
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my beads.


I used to use my Dremel and a diamond bit until I realized that
the diamond bit was grinding away the inside of the hole and
could even make the hole unsymmetrical.  I clean as good as I
possibly can and if a bead is transparent I have used clear
nail polish to coat the hold which makes a difference but if
you don't get it in correctly it can make the bead look messy.
One of the more frustrating things is a pretty purple bead I
have sitting here on my mouse pad that has some weird residue
up on the glass rather than in the hole and although I have
cleaned it repeatedly I can't get that bit of bead-poop off it.
Argh!  It would be a purple one, too!

-  Sandy

Re: Residual Bead Release?
In a pipe store or pipe tobacco section of a store, you can buy pipe cleaners
with extra tough bits woven in. They get all the sticky tar outta pipe stems
(and some last bits of bead release outta beads.)


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Re: Residual Bead Release?
Yes - I use one of those too to get the last bit of dust.

Kathy K
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Re: Residual Bead Release?
You can avoid the asymmetrical-hole problem by rolling the bead very  
quickly and smoothly against the bit... it's kind of hard to describe,  
actually, but easy to demonstrate. It does take a bit of practice to  
pick up the knack, and some people never do... I had to stop having  
Andrew clean my beads, because he just couldn't keep the bead moving and  
  was always grinding the holes into ovals. (And scratching the outside  
of the beads with the Dremel bit, and chipping the ends... argh!)


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