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When I first started reading and posting  here in rec-crafts-beads, I
was delighted to find people who share many of my own passions and
also some troubles and ways of dealing with them. I made friends, many
of whom I have never seen in the flesh. We share our love of beads,
creativity, family and friends, our hopes and fears, our ways of
overcoming pain and fear through creative work. One of the brightest,
twinkliest, and occasionally prickliest was Sooz, (Susan Hara) who,
once assured of my true interest in beads, welcomed me here and gave
me many moments of pleasure with her posts. She was a driving force in
this group for many years. Her love of beads, color, animals, and her
husband Kevin were all shared freely with us here.

Sooz died of brain cancer last night, and she is no longer in the pain
that was a daily part of her life for many years. I rejoice in her
freedom from that and mourn the loss of her words. Good night, my
friend. Sleep well,


Re: sad nooz
On 01/06/2011 15:31, Sarajane wrote:
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I am so very sorry to hear this sad news. I did not know she was ill  
because I never got any replies to my emails to her in the last two years.
I have three pictures of her up on my workroom wall.

Sooz was the instigator of the BFNR parcels but there really was a  
reason. The ones I got were to cheer me up when I started with my  
serious heart problems.
Reading your message made me feel very cold inside.
I treasure all the things that she sent me over the years since she  
breathed new life into RCB. Even now that seems to have gone.

My condolences to everyone who feels the loss of Sooz.
May her God keep her in the palm of his hand.


Re: sad nooz

She was diagnosed about a month ago, after a fall. I like to think of
her as out romping with the dogs now, who she missed so much when they
went ahead. And finding the stars an acceptable replacement for
Swarovski crystal.

love you, my friend, glad to see you here even for such tidings.

Re: sad nooz
On 01/06/2011 20:55, Sarajane wrote:
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As well as having my RCB gallery still on the wall I also have a picture  
of one of her dogs.
I check the group everyday hoping someone will post something but I did  
not expect this.

Thank you my dear friend and the love is returned.


Re: sad nooz
Sooz delighted in this group back when it was active, even when she
sometimes got infuriated. I wonder now if the cancer had anything to
do with the mood swings that would occur. In a Caring Bridge post from
Sooz when she was diagnosed, she said the scans showed cancer
permeating the tissues " like lace throughout" and I thought, yeah,
thats our Sooz, finding something strangely beautiful  to say even
about that.

I've missed her, and you guys. She was sick a lot and didnt always
have the energy to answer emails even before this, and we've all been
busy with our various things, both the good and the hard. So, in honor
of Sooz and her love of beads and of us, I'm going to post here again
more often, and show off more beads.


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Re: sad nooz
I also could not get a response from her, even when I went down to

Yes, Those BFNRs were fun.  I didn't usually get involved in the big
ones, instead just sending things to individuals.

How is your heart now?


On Jun 1, 10:02 am, Shirley Shone
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Re: sad nooz
On 06/06/2011 00:19, Tina wrote:
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Not in a very good state. One of the things that started off my  
horrendous year last year.
I was rushed in hospital 4 times in January last year. my heart went  
into over drive more than 180 beats a minute. I had 5 paramedics at one  
time alone. Rushed into hospital every time. Had to have a heart scan  
and a 24 hour monitor fitted.

The cardio told My DH and myself that there was nothing they could do.
I have a left bundle branch block, Two leaking valves and permanent  
Atrial Fibrillation that can cause blood to pool in my heart and cause a  
blood clot that would cause a massive stroke. So I take loads of tablets  
and try to take life without stress.

I cannot have surgery on my back because my heart would not stand the  
anaesthetic.(sp) So have to suffer the pain from that. On top of that I  
had a bowel cancer scare at the same time.
I still try to keep smiling but it is hard, there are other personal  
problems that I cannot write here.


Re: sad nooz
I'm glad to see you are still hanging in there anyway.

Re: sad nooz

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Hi Shirley,

Just keeping smiling is a great goal. And I know you are not someone to  
give up, so keep smiling.

Kiss and hugs,


Re: sad nooz
On 07/06/2011 07:37, Bart Mendelson wrote:

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Hi Bart,
Lovely to know you are still around. I often think of you and when DH  
and I met you in Amsterdam.
My sons are still on the ferries to the Hook.
3 times X


Re: sad nooz
Well, I guess I'll just reply to the last post.
Very sad to hear of Sooz's passing, she emailed me last year some time
when Kalera
started a RCB thread on Lampwork Etc. (which didn't have a lot of

Glad to see Kalera has found this place again :) and glad to see you

I had given up on the newsgroup because the last few times I was here
was entirely full of spam, but if you're all still (or again) here
I'll come back
more often too.


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Re: sad nooz
Aloha, Maren!
Good to see you here. A ceramic artist friend of mine is coming to
Hawaii to go to college--I told him there are definitely some great
people there who do art. What have you been working on lately? I've
gotten myself back to college and am taking classes in metal working
and ceramics as well as computer programs like photoshop and indesign,
dreamweaver and illustrator--cuts into my beading time, it does, but
expands the skills with which to do it and show it off. We just
finished our annual dyeing event and now I've got colorful dolls to
bead and turn into Spirit Dolls. I had thought of sending one of the
kits I put together for them to Sooz, but didnt as I thought it would
just be a reminder of unfinished projects that she could no longer do.
Now I think I'll make one for her myself. Not sure what all it'll
need, other than MAJOR BEADWORK!!!!!! and humor, and love. And

glad to see you back here,

Re: sad nooz
On 14/06/2011 15:48, Sarajane wrote:
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Be sure to take pictures of it when you have made it.


Re: sad nooz
Thanks so much for letting us know this.  Having a hard time
responding to this.  Pete and I sat here and cried when I read this.
I've loved Sooz dearly and admired her tremendously, as a beader, and
especially as a person.

(After a couple horrendous years, I've pretty much just hidden away.)

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Re: sad nooz
Good to see you here now, Tina. I feel like I do at funerals; glad to
see the people there, but so sad for the reason.
(((((((((((((Tina and Pete)))))))))))))))))))

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Re: sad nooz
Strange - I had a similar thought. I was never active here and can't  
claim knowing Sooz at all, but I am so sad to hear of her passing. I  
loved her style.
Keep posting folks.

On 6/2/11 11:09 AM, Sarajane wrote:
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Re: sad nooz
I will keep posting in the hopes that others will come back. Lots of the RCB  
peeps on FaceBook.

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Re: sad nooz
Look me up there!

On 6/3/11 5:56 PM, Linda2 wrote:
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Re: sad nooz
Will do. We need to get some of them posting here again.

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Re: sad nooz
I think I will make a post on Facebook pointing people here--lets see
what we can do to revive this  group. Do we still love beads? Yes, we
do. Are we still online? Well then!!

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