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I was so sorry to read about Sooz - she was so encouraging to me when
I first joined RCB.  I have looked for her to post off and on for the
last few years and often wondered where she was and how she was
doing.  I am sorry to see such an update :(.  So sorry to see your
update too - Tina - please give Pete a hug for me - how awful to have
to deal with such a situation!  It was so nice to meet you all those
years ago.  You were so kind to share your bead collection with me,
they have inspired me over the years.  Here's hoping that 2011 brings
RCB back and better times for all!

Re: Sooz
Hi there DeMarie!
In spite of physical issues, Sooz had honest love and meaningful work
and was happy. She loved her husband dearly and her critters, and
beads too. I know she got a lot of pleasure from this group too, and
so have I. Its good to re-connect here.

Re: Sooz
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:( I was so sorry to read this today. It's been so long since I've
been to RCB and it was horrible to check in and see such bad news.

Sooz and Susan in VA once sent me a pfnr - (peeps!!) when they learnt
that being in the UK I'd never had any :)

I wasn't hugely involved with rcb but it was a lovely place to visit
and Sooz was such an integral part of it. She was a very memorable
lady and my thoughts are with her family, and especially Kevin, at
this very sad time.

RIP Divaocean, hope you're having fun with Mercabee and the other
critters xx

And I'm sorry to hear everyone else's troubles ((((((((Kalera, Tina
and Shirley))))))))))))))

Re: Sooz
On 17/06/2011 15:21, Ragsym M wrote:
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I too was a recipient of peeps for many years changing to sugar free  
ones when I got diabetes. I think Susan moved from VA and I no longer  
have her address. I do have a picture of her with her grandbaby just  
above my computer.Kathy Hogan left the scene as well, I have not heard  
from her for quite some time.


Re: Sooz
On Jun 17, 1:50 pm, Shirley Shone
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Hi, everyone!  I just saw this posting, and I can't believe it!!  That
so sad!  Sooz was a dear friend to me online, and we did a number
of swaps and BFNR's to others -- she was so awesome!  I think I
sent her a S'Mores Maker once!  It's true, Shirley, that I've moved.
I'm back in DC where I started.  [We were in VA for 11 years.]  Wow,
very sad news.  But it's nice to see there are some familiar faces
still on the loop!

Hugs to everyone!  Susan in DC
[Shirley, I now have TWO grandbabies!]  <g>

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Re: Sooz
So nice to hear from some long lost rcbers!!!  I think Sooz would be
thrilled to know that she woke up the RCB folks once again :)
I hope we all can visit and share once more.
Hugs DeMarie

Re: Sooz
Hi there Rachel!
I'm sorry about the news but thought that people who knew her would
want to have a chance to call up some truly fabulous memories of her.
What exchanges!! Her heart was as big as they come, and though she
tolerated no crap she also sang praises where they were
deserved...such eyecandy she shared!

When I look at the statistics in the "about this group" section I see
that she's the top poster not once, but under TWO names. There were
years when this group had 6000 messages and more every month, but now
its much less frequented, and the percentage of spam is kinda high.
I'd like to see some activity here in remebrance of Sooz, of the great
times we used to have checking out such interesting messages from
complex people doing wonderful creative work. Oh, such stories!! I
miss KathyNV's stories. Bet her daughter M is all grown up now.

Its great to see you here and know that you are still vital--and yes,
I am quite happy to picture  Sooz and Mercabee  having a run with the
big hugs to ya!!

Re: Sooz
Jan in New Zealand here.  This morning, after months of not checking in, I  
thiught I must do so.So sad to hear about Sooz.  Instead of countless ads,  
and a few posts, there you all were.  Wow, I bet Sooz would be pleased.  I  
loved her lists of sites which were wonderful for a new beader and I have m
issed all the people who posted.

This is my first posting for a very long time as I could never log in.

I have just dipped my toes into facebook and I do have Skype to check on my
 two beautiful granddaughters.

Cheers, Jan

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