ALL retired designs have been added, and prices have been reduced :)

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After 28 hours, and five open windows at once I am finially done
uploading all retired designs back to the site.

I have now added ALL retired designs from our computers, and from the
site BACK over to thier regular respective folders. I am sorry,
however that I could not just put them into a new folder, or name them
so you knew what they were. As it was, just the moving took me this
(over 2,000+ designs/projects)

However, Connie and I both think the new site CAN handle the traffic,
and the added bandwidth, so they are all added. Lets all say a little
prayer that it does not overload the server. Already there is a HUGE
load on the site with everyone dowloading, and no problems what so
ever :)

Also, I have lowered the prices back down.. We will see if the NEW
site here can handle this load as well, it SHOULD without ANY
problems, but we are fixing to put it to the test :)

As long as the site can hold the loads we will continue these
prices :) If the site appears to be having load issues the prices will
go back up. With over a million hits a month it puts a HUGE load on
the server, and we DONT want to crash a server again :)


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