Artista Designer V5 and saving .PES files

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Anyone having issues with creating a design in V5 and then saving as .pes,
then having someone not be able to use the .pes files?


Abbie R.
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Re: Artista Designer V5 and saving .PES files

sewdragondesigns wrote:

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You'll have to be more specific - where are the .pes files unusable?
     In other software?
     On a specific embroidery machine?
     With what size hoop?

Otherwise, just some general thoughts:

In Artista, what version .pes files are being produced, and for what
size hoop?
When you do a 'save as' pes, does the options button on the save
dialog box become active, and if so, what options are you choosing?

Some older software and machines can't accept newer .pes versions. In
particular Brother/Babylock software can't recognize pes files saved
in a later version.

I seem to recall that our Babylock Ellagio wouldn't recognize a .pes
file if it was larger than the current hoop size.

   - Herb

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