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I have a Brother PE-770 and am struggling to learn Pacesetter BES
Embroidery.  Is there a way to do an appliqué and back up?  Let's say I've
completed steps 1, 2 and 3 and notice something gone awry in step 2?  How in
the Sam Hill do you get the thing to back up?  Or - if strange logic
prevails, just loop around and go: skip 4, 5 and 1 and re-do Step 2?
    I'm a stranger to this group and by way of introduction need to mention
that I am a great-grandmother and am way over my head with this learning.
(Not the first or last time I'll be in over my head.)
    Thank you kindly if you understand my question and many more thank you's
if you will help.  Polly

Re: Backing up?

Welcome to the group, Polly.  I am a grandmother, in my late 70s.  I bought
my first embroidery machine some 11-years ago and enjoyed it so much, but I
wanted do larger designs, so one of my sons gave me a BabyLock Ellageo BLL
for my birthday a few years ago and I enjoy embroidering immensely, but
haven't done much applique with it.

I have not had your problem yet, but there are, at least, 2 people who post
here often that will most likely be able to offer you help when they read
about it.
Emily in Houston, TX

Re: Backing up?

Thank you, Emily.  I'll watch, wait and hope.  Last year I learned how to
cook on a new techy stove without having to hold the instructions in one
hand - and ! - I learned how to take pictures and send them in email.
Therefore.  I believe I'll learn this machine embroidery.  May have to walk
away and try again many times but one day, one day.  Polly
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Re: Backing up?

Polly Esther wrote:
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People far more knowledgeable than I am usually answer very quickly, so
I waited.

I have a Husqvarna Rose, and there's a place on the front showing a few
stitches,with an arrow pointing in each direction.  When I want to back
up my stitches without sewing, I press the one needed and the machine
follows the path just done, without stitching.  I'm sure there must be
something similar on yours.

I haven't done applique, but I would imagine it would be the same principle.

Btw, I was 78 last month, so join the club!

Joyce in RSA.

Re: Backing up?

joyce wrote:
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I waited  to reply as well, because I'm not familiar with
OP's machine.  I have the Singer Quantum XL5000.  If I want
to "go back" there is a "?" icon on the screen which I can
touch, which takes me to several options.  It allows me to
reverse or go forward by individual stitches, or increments
of 10 or more at a time.  I always use that function after a
bobbin refill, to be sure the last few stitches before the
break are covered.

I have created appliqué designs, and if I need to go back to
the beginning (or any other step), I can do so easily using
the "?" icon and its options.

I bought my embroidery machine and PSW 2.0 software in 2004,
and my first computer in 1989.  I am 70-years-old.  ;-)


Re: Backing up?

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Hi Polly!  I downloaded the manual for your machine and it appears that the
answer to your question is on Page 65, Resewing.  It shows what buttons to
press. First "Adjust", then one with a picture of a needle on it, and then
you would get the screen with the thread spool icons.  Press the thread
spool with the minus sign after it as many steps as you want to go back.
The screen should show the prior steps as you go back.  Then just let it sew
them over again.  I don't have your exact machine, but mine works pretty
much that way when I screw up an applique - which happens!   (You could also
probably press the spool with the plus sign on it and go forward and then
around to the beginning too - mine works this way.)

Hope this helps!

Iris (from RCTQ)

Re: Backing up?

Well, wow.  I just could not ask for kinder help than this.  How just very,
very nice.  I do indeed thank you so much.  That Brother was making me feel
so dumb I'd declared myself only competent for hiding my own Easter eggs.  I
am so grateful.  Happy, happy.  Polly

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