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I have a friend who has the Bernina 200, with it she has a sepatate disc
drive USB CS supplied by Bernina. She also has a usb connector to her PC.
She has no software other than the ARTLINK. I spent today with her trying to
get designs from her computer to her sewing machine without success. Does
anyone know how to do this or indeed if it can be done?

Re: Bernina 200
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There are 2 different ways to do this, but first:

ALL the designs must be in .ART format.

Artlink will only read V3 designs not V4.
You can burn the files to a CDR disk but the disk needs to be "closed" before
the sewing machine
will read it.

That will get you started. Now if you can provide more information on what is
happening (or not) and
what error messages you are receiving then someone can provide more assistance.

5 foot 2

Re: Bernina 200
Thank you GWH and 5ft2in,  you have hit the nail on the head, the cds which
came with the package is V4 so now we know why they wont work. She has been
onto Bernina here in UK, our local dealers is great with the machine but not
so hot with the software, and there is no-one in our area with Bernina she
can go to for help. I'll speak to her tomorrow to see how she got on,

Re: Bernina 200

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Let us know how she makes out.  The machine should read V4 from a Bernina CD,
it's just Artlink that
can only read V3.  She can check the machine to see which version software is
installed on it.

5 foot 2

Re: Bernina 200
Will let you know, it would be a good idea to find out wat is in the
machine, we assumed that whatever would match the cd's which came with it.
We cant get designs from the computer into the machine even using the usb cd
machine as the machine cant seem to read it...a missing link lol

Re: Bernina 200

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I'm not familiar with that machine, but it's beginning to look as if
there might be a problem with the machine's electronics.

Is the machine supposed to be able to read designs from a CD in a USB CD

Are the CDs you are trying to read originals, or are they copies, and if
copies, were they produced with Windows Vista?



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