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I bought my wife a Bernina Artista 180 several years ago, plus the
(expensive) software that would run on my PC.

At the time that software required a dongle that Windows XP couldn't
handle. I didn't go any farther with it with the expectation that at
some point the kinks would get worked out of it and I would have a
working system.

Does anybody know what the current status of the software is? I would
like to get the machine and the PC talking to each other.

Second question is about formats. I remember that the Bernina has a
proprietary format. Do people who digitize generally provide the
output in Bernina format?

Alternately, is there any software "out there" that will do the same
job, take a jpg or gif file and convert it into something I can use?

Thank you
Pete Yorke

Re: Bernina Artista 180 software

G'day Pete

While I don't own a Bernina and can't help directly with your question,
I can say that quite a few of the digitisers provide .art format with
their designs.  I've heard that some will send .art if you request it
even though it's not listed in their catalogue.

As for converting .jpg/.gif to .art well that's a whole different
ballgame and you'd need digitising s/ware, it's not as simple as it
first sounds but having said that, can be achieved with LOTS of practice
and the right s/ware.  Personally, I'd rather spend that time stitching
and leave the digitising to the professionals.

If you do a google search for 'free machine embroidery designs' you'll
be amazed at what you can find.  Even go to the machine,
Bernina, Brother, Janome, Singer as most have a few freebies as do the
digitisers....consider it a sample of their work.

Hope some of this helps?
Bronwyn ;-) wrote:

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Re: Bernina Artista 180 software wrote:
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Contact Bernina. They may have a patch for the problem.
Have you tried running the software in Windows 98 compatibility mode?
Since the dongle is hardware related, it probably won't help, but it's
worth a try.

Right-click on the program icon on your desktop; select properties;
select the "compatibility" tab, and go from there.
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Most major vendors certainly do.

With one exception, the only software that can convert other design
formats (such as .hus and .pes) to .ART  is provided by Bernina.

The exception is an odd story. Wilcom provides a free re-sizer/design
converter. They recently produced a new version that could convert to
.ART and made it available on their website.  HOWEVER, it was removed
and replaced within about a week. No explanations but I assume some
lawyers were involvd. It is occasionally available from those people
who managed to download it during its brief windows.

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That's called digitizing, and there are many programs that can do it
or help. If using a fully automatic mode, the results vary widely,
from quite good to unusable. Some manual work on both the original
graphic and the resulting design  is usually required to achieve a
high quality product.

Products include Embird, Bernina Artista, Brother's PE Design,
ClickNStitch (may not be currently available), and many more.

   - Herb

Re: Bernina Artista 180 software
On 20 Feb 2007 13:39:45 -0800, wrote:

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Since you purchased the software several years ago, I will assume it is Version
3.  This version is
no longer supported by Bernina, see link below.
You should talk to your local dealer for more information.  I would recommend
you try Herb's
suggestion first as I suspect the answer from Bernina would be to purchase and
upgrade to your

5 foot 2

Re: Bernina Artista 180 software
I have the Bernina 180 and Auto Designer V.3 software.
My computer is using XP system.  You need to go to the Bernina site to
download windows XP hasp driver.
It can be found at this site.

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