Best stabilizer for this job?

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I am making a Christmas shirt using 100% lightweight wolven cotton
shirting.. I want to embroider a fairly large design thru only one
layer of this light shirting, on the yoke, before I construct the
garment.  Because of how this particular shirt is made, the backside
of the embroidery will be captive between 2 layers of shirting on the
finished garment, and will not be seen from the inside at all, so the
appearance of the backside of the embrodiery is not particularly
important, other than I would prefer it to not be too bulky so that it
will not appear lumpy from the finished side.

What would you use? a cut-away or a tear-away, or?


Re: Best stabilizer for this job?

jusme wrote:
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I would use a good quality tear-away. I save my good
cut-away for knits for the most part.  Since you're making
the shirt, why not test a couple of stabilizers on scraps
and embroider a small design, just to be sure you get the
look you want?


Re: Best stabilizer for this job?
I am going to do a test sew out (or two) before I actually put the
yoke in the machine. (I always do tests).. I just wanted to see if I
my thoughts were in line with others.. I figured I would try a tear
away first (I have some good sulky here), and you have more or less
confirmed my opinion.

Thank you.


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