Bird of Paradise & Byzantine Quilting Set @ BFC !

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Color is as important as a good design when stitching. Every time
before I digitize or stitch, I lay my fabric on the table and line up
the thread I plan to use on top of it. Then I step back and really
look at it.  If I don't find the combination pleasing this way,
chances are I will not like it at all after being stitched. It's worth
the few extra minutes to make sure your work will be just as you want
it to be!
NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun
sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES.

*BIRD OF PARADISE* by Fred A set of 8 gorgeous Bird of Paradise
Flowers - 4 to make into a stunning picture and 4 to use to decorate.
You can see the finished picture and a purse made with one of the
flowers on the page.

*BYZANTINE QUILTING SET* This quilting set includes a regular design
version and a QUILT IN THE HOOP version. The designs come from a
Victorian Tile Catalog and were based on a Byzantine carpet.

*POSTCARDS - VINTAGE POSTERS*  A group of delightful posters for all -
even some that will appeal to the men in your life!

*GARDEN QUILT SQUARES* Designs to use for quilting projects - even can
be done in the hoop if desired!

*STILL LIFE* by Fred  A pre pay set of 9 designs with beautiful light
and shading. These are also available in 4x4! A PROJECT HAS BEEN ADDED

*POSTCARDS - ALL OCCASION* The lettering is all done as a separate
color stop so you can eliminate it and add your own - or just have the
design on the front of the card.

*WINDOW - owl* by Fred Piercing eyes amidst lush green foliage.
Another must see Window set.

*WINDOW - FLORAL EXPRESSIONS III* This picture features a huge pink
and white water lily surrounded by lush green leaves. ANOTHER SQUARE
HAS BEEN ADDED  This set should be done in another week. I apologize
for the delay! Suz had to work on all of this picture at once since
the flower is so large, and only manage to get one finished in time :)

*FLORAL GARDENS LACE* Designs taken from a summer garden to adorn all
kinds of items!  There is even a sample curtain with a deep border
done on organza (without any stabilizer - easy)

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Monday night)
Floral Paisley Lace
Window - Grapes
Postcards - Victorian Valentines


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