BOGO & Free Butterflies @ BFC !

Have a question or want to show off your project? Post it! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

BOGO SALE Our third anniversary sale continues & 8 designs of the free
Butterfly set are now posted for you to download
EXTRA BONUS: for those of you that purchase 5 sets (and get 5 free
sets) during the three weeks - you will receive an email at the end of
the sale asking what additional set you would like free. You do not
have to buy all 5 sets in one order - We will add up all orders when
the sale is over.

GIFT CERTIFICATE SALE NEXT WEEK! Let those important people know :)

FRED now has his own menu! So many of you are collectors of Fred's
designs, we have added another icon to the Designs Menu for *Designs by
Fred* - scroll down to see it. His designs are also still listed on our
regular menus.

8 Butterflies are now posted for you to download!
IF YOU CAN'T FIND THEM: It's really easy! They are NOT on design set
pages. Go to the Design Menu and scroll down to the pictures.  Click on
those and if the link for the free design is on that menu, it will be
right on the top. If not, go back and try another picture :) We will
keep each days designs up until the end of the sale to give everyone a
chance to get them.

Be sure to check out the Christmas menu - there are Santas, Angels,
Ornaments, Lace Bowls:
Lots of all kinds of designs for gifts on this menu:

Thank you everyone!

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