BOGO & Free Butterflies @ BFC !

Have a question or want to show off your project? Post it! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

If you can't find something to use to keep your stabilizer from
slipping in your hoop, scraps of film type stabilizer (like
Badgemaster) work great!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! Fred and Suz
have been busy during this sale getting new sets ready. We use the
sales as our *free* time - no deadlines and often we end up doing
more than we normally would have. LOL Look for a gorgeous Tiger by
Fred, a set of greyhounds for those great people that adopt
greyhounds, some gorgeous Plumeria - I had no idea they came in so
many shapes and colors and I'm sure many more sets in the next few

BOGO SALE Our third anniversary sale continues & 11 designs of the
free Butterfly set are now posted for you to download http://www.bfc -

EXTRA BONUS: for those of you that purchase 5 sets (and get 5 free
sets) during the three weeks - you will receive an email at the end
of the sale asking what additional set you would like free. You do
not have to buy all 5 sets in one order - I will add up all orders
when the sale is over.

Be sure to check Fred's menu:

11 Butterflies are now posted for you to download!
http://www.bfc -
We will keep each days designs up until the end of the sale to give
everyone a chance to get them. Suz added a picture of a vest she
made using the butterflies to give you some ideas. Suz has placed
the butterflies a little different then usual.

Be sure to check out the Quilting menu - Lots of designs that can be
used for many smaller projects than just quilts!
And Art Nouveau is always in style:

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year in so many ways - family, new
friends, new exciting things to create. I think it is wonderful we
are given a special day to give thanks and realize all the blessings
in this world.

Thank you everyone!

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