Brother PE - 150 help please

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Hi, we received a Brother PE - 150 embroidery machine for Christmas, and we
would like to be able to use some of the designs by others found on the
internet, Is there a way to program the cards, they look like a compact
flash card, like they use in digital cameras,
any help would be appreciated
Thanks Gary

Re: Brother PE - 150 help please
Gary wrote:
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You need a card reader/writer AND the software that goes with it.
Reader/writer boxes are available under a variety of brand-names, some
of which are identical except for the nameplate.

Many of the designs you'll find are in formats other than Brother's
".PES" format. Conversion programs are readily available - one of the
best and least expensive is Embird (which includes much more than
conversion), for well under US$100.
You would still need the card writer and software, in addition.

Different reader/writer boxes for Brother include:

Brother's own
Amazing Designs (The Amazing Box)
The Magic Box
The Ultimate Box

Here's one of many links to a few of them

  - Herb

Re: Brother PE - 150 help please
You will need to buy pe design software and card reader writer box or there
are several other magic box types and a pes2-3 card which is good if you
also have or intend to have other embroidery machines which use a different
format.   The machine reads pes format and anything you want to put on the
machine will have to be in that format. I bought my pe design secondhand and
worked up to the present v5.  I found it cheaper than buying embroidery
cards and it gives ultimate flexibility.

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Re: Brother PE - 150 help please

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Sadly, the cards are not the same as the compact flash cards.   (I thought
so too when I got my machine!)  In my opinion, your best bet is to buy an
Ultimate Box and one or two Ultimate cards.  This will allow you to download
designs from the internet onto the card.  If you are content with
embroidering the designs exactly as downloaded, this is all you need.  If
you want to resize a design, or combine a couple of designs, Embird (about
$60) is a good program.  I bought mine from Secrets of Embroidery.  There
are other add-ons for Embird that you can get into as you get experience.


Re: Brother PE - 150 help please
Thank you so very much, your responses have indeed helped much.

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Re: Brother PE - 150 help please

We have had PES2 box for about a year and it has worked fine..

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