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Firstly, briefly, may I introduce myself (though I see many familiar
siggies).  My name is Nel and I live in Yorkshire.  I have been sewing
for many years, both by machine and by hand.

Polly and Kate suggested I come over here with my 'wee-problemette'
and ask you good folks for help.  You come highly recommended! :-)

I have an Artista 180, bought back in 2001, when I was fit and well.
It has been used as a sewing machine regularly, but because of said
ill-health the embroidery module has been sidelined, after the initial
feeding frenzy.  (On a side note, Kate, if you can wait till you come
up, I have stabiliser and thread to play with till you know exactly
what you need for the new machine)

Anyway, I had the machines thoroughly serviced a couple of years back,
and mothballed them till I was well enough to start over.  That time
is now.

I have spent the week starting from scratch, with videos, manuals and
lots of cotton practising, manipulating and generally re-aquainting
myself with my erstwhile friends.  Knowing of the incompatibility
problems with the Artista, USB Ports and Windows, I proudly hooked the
machine up to an old Win98 machine we had in the loft.  So far, so
good.  The CPS link works just fine.

So, yesterday, I used the embroidery module for the first time.
Machine worked fine; did some samples etc. etc. etc.  Now confident, I
linked it onto the ArtLink Program on the computer...

The Problem:  My Artlink program is v2.01 and the machine has been
'updated' to v3.02.  They are incompatible.  Bernina don't want to
know (according to the website); my Dealer has changed hands and
haven't a clue.  I have emailed Bernina, anyway, but I'm not holding
my breath.  Their last answer to me, a while back, when I was
searching for a parallel/usb connector, was basically unprintable.
They suggested I buy a new machine...

I'm stuck.  Have you any thoughts?  Do you know where I might obtain
an ArtLink v3.02 CD, or would it be better to attempt to get 'someone'
to regress my module back to 2.01?  And even if I do get connectivity,
can I still get designs for the 180?

Please can you help?


Re: Communication problems

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Hello!  Welcome!
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Yee Haw!  ;)  Yes please.  Haven't heard yet...
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Hoping it's sorted by the time I come North...  :)
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Re: Communication problems

I spoke to the right contact at Bogod's this afternoon.  She was

She has managed to sort out the problem for me.


Re: Communication problems

Sartorresartus wrote:

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That's great! Would you care to share the answer?

  - Herb

Re: Communication problems

With pleasure.

They are going to send me a CD of the right software.  That _should_
sort the problem.  I wish there was a better fix than to dredge up and
old computer and dedicate it to a sewing machine, but needs-must-when-
the-devil-drives, as they say.

I'll post again when I've received it, and tell you if/how it works.


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