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Today I tried out my new couching attachments on the Designer SE.  It is
really quite simple: 2 thread guides that go on the back of the machine and
a presser foot with a hole in it which you thread the yarn through.  I tried
it with free-motion and some sparkly varigated yarn.
I would like to try it with the embroidery unit but I only have one design
(and it is not that great). Does anyone know if I can use redwork designs or
any sort of outline design with this attachment?  I know you have to reduce
the speed.


Re: couching


Consider jump stitches. How are you going to neatly cut/join these
when they happen. Not all redwork designs are a single line.
Quilting redwork may have some options, but you would have to check
the stitching sequence with an editing program first.

Consider the foot is not designed for the embroidery mode. If
something goes wrong, you risk damaging the entire shank.

I would use the foot pedal control only, if you are going to try it.
If you use the start/stop button you will have no control.

I wouldn't do it at all - in embroidery mode.
It would be safer to transfer a design to the fabric and do it free
motion as you have been doing. It's not worth breaking the shank
(worst case scenario) just to try it.

Just my thoughts about it. The jump stitches would be the biggest
There is also a lot of what I call backtracking in redwork.
The design stitches over where it has been to get to where it wants to
be without having to jump. This would wreck your couching.
What if the design starts to stitch backwards over itself?

I would still do it manually.

-- D

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Re: couching

Thanks for your input Dotty.  I didn'y consider the jump stitches or the
backtracking. Viking has a set of designs for sale to use with this
attachment so it can be used for embroidery but as with all their
accessories, it is expensive.  I will take a look at my quilting desings


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