Designers Gallery and Masterworks vs. Pallet V6

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My DH just bought me a Babylock Ellageo machine, but didn't get any
software other than what came in the box (Pallet lite).  Can someone
tell me a little bit about the Designer Gallery suite (including
Masterworks) and Pallet V6?  I don't understand why there are two
software systems for this machine family.

I know that the Designers Gallery suite is modular, with several
family modules that can be purchased individually as needed.  The
Pallet system seems to be all in one.  I've read that Pallet and
PE-Design (Brother) are exactly the same program, except for the name.
Is this so?

I've used PE-Design before. Also, I've tried other digitizing demo
software systems and I've discovered that the PE-Design doesn't
autodigitize quite as well as some of those other ones.  (Based on a
test sample design that I used for each system.)  In particular, there
were a lot more jump stiches in PE-Designs output, and resizing
(smaller) didn't sew out as well.  I haven't had a chance to test it
on Masterworks, though.  Is Masterworks the same program as something
else, as in the PE-Design / Pallet manner?

If you have any experience with Designers Gallery or Pallet v6 and
would be willing to share your thoughts, I would like to learn from
you, before I ask my DH to make a software choice.  Thank you in


Re: Designers Gallery and Masterworks vs. Pallet V6
Needles wrote:

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Yes. They are bit-for-bit identical.  Just as your Ellageo is software
identical to the Brother ULT.  The floppy-resident "On-Screen
Designer" works equally well on both machines.

   - Herb

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