embroidery on T-shirt type material

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I have just had the WORST time trying to embroidery on t-shirt type
material--I ended up with holes in two of them, so I tossed the project.  I
use a Janome 9700, I stabilized the fabtric with Florianai (whatever) iron
on, tear away.  The fabric pulled and I ended up with a needle full of
Bobbin thread underneath the plate.  It looked like a little furry animal
when I pulled the plug out from behind the bobbin case.  The bobbin thread
was in shreds--lots of little pieces sticking out all over--and my bobbin
thread is ruined--its now about 1/2 loose.

Any suggestions GREATLY appreciated.


Re: embroidery on T-shirt type material
Jon Cox wrote:
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I also ruined a couple of T-shirts when I first started doing
machine embroidery.  Do not use _tear-away_ stabilizer on knits!
And ALWAYS use a *new* ball-point needle.  Really, it's that
simple.  Also, be careful of extremely dense designs, or those
which go over the same area multiple times.

Use a good quality fusible *cut-away* stabilizer.  I like
Floriani's "No show Fusible Mesh":


there are other brands, too:



Re: embroidery on T-shirt type material

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I should add that I also discovered Sulky's Solvy water soluble
stabilizer works very well *on top* of the fabric when doing
knits (in addition to a good tear-away mesh below).  They have
two weights.



Re: embroidery on T-shirt type material
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another idea
My experienece with nesting thread has usually been a
result of upper tension and/or bobbin problems. It
might help to check these out first.  I also really
like to use prewound bobbins.  They do a better job
for me, really sew out nice. Any fabric that tends to
pull, like t-shirt material I use an iron on
stabilizer. If possible, before you try your garment
get a scrap of material to try, maybe an old t-shirt.
The best stabilizer for me is freezer paper, the kind
you can buy at Walmart.  A huge roll is about 5.00.  I
use a hot iron and iorn it enough just to make it
stick.  I use this on just about everything and the
price is right. It peels off when you are done. I hope
this helps.


Re: embroidery on T-shirt type material
You need to stabilize with an iron maybe more than once..do two layers
of fairly thing something crosswise to each other, overlapping. AND I
would check all routs for both top and bobbin thread..you may have
lint in the tracking devices. I will also ask on my other sewing list
for embroidery and see what the comment is.

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Re: embroidery on T-shirt type material
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AND I would use a cut-away...not tear away.. tear away tends to
pull...with stretchy fabric already you don't need the pulling

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Re: embroidery on T-shirt type material
G'day Jon

I've just been doing embroidery on a similar fabric with my Janome 9500
only this morning, I use freezer paper to stabilise knit fabrics because
it really holds the fabric and nothing moves. Then I float a piece of
water soluble stabiliser on top.  Freezer paper is available in some
stores where they sell machine embroidery supplies....or....in the
kitchen wrap aisle of the supermarket.  One brand is Reynolds (US) and
the box is royal blue and silver, but there are possibly other brands too.

Iron it (shiny side towards the fabric) to the back of the area to be
embroidered making sure this piece extends beyond the hooped area and
peel away the excess once finished.  This piece can be reused a couple
of times, just iron a patch over the hole.

Hope this helps?  it works for me and I have a huge roll of the stuff!
Bronwyn ;-)

Jon Cox wrote:
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