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I haven't done newsgroups or embroidery in years--back to school for
two degrees.  I had just gotten the machine when I started school.
Now I'm ready to start using this Brother embroidery machine and I've
forgotten what little I knew.  I can used the cards for set designs
but don't know how to put the letters together to make a name.  I can
use the ones on my machine, but I have cards with really nice fonts I
would love to use.  I can't find instructions for doing this.  I have
an Ultimate Box and Embird.  I have all the stuff and now need to know
what to do with it.  Is there a FAQ section with basic like this

Re: FAQ section?
JaneyBundy wrote:

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What you're looking for is much too specific - How to use specific
software and a specific sewing machine - for it to be included in a
FAQ, even if it DID exist. For instance, like most software, there are
many versions of Embird, and it has many optional modules. There are
even more different Brother embroidery machines than there are Embird

Embird has free tutorials and manuals available on their site. For
lettering using your alphabet cards, you need to combine multiple
letters into a single design (or else stitch each letter separately,
carefully aligning as you go - this can be done without any software
at all).

Your Brother manual should have some information; manuals are also
available on-line.

There are lots of other embroidery tutorials available on the web,
both fee and free. Use your favorite search engine to find them
(Google, Bing, etc.)

A little nomenclature:

   Alphabet - a set of designs, each one containing a single letter,
number, or special character. May be in design sets or built-in to a
sewing machine.

   Font - Any of the following; characterized by the ability to
          press a keyboard key include that letter:

     a) A computer font such as Arial that some embroidery
        software can use directly (usually only truetype
        fonts - and Embird can't use them). PEDesign and Artista
        are examples of software that CAN.

     b) A proprietary form usable only with the associated
        software. Embird has a couple of dozen available. Others
        that use this approach include Viking/Pfaff software.

   - Herb

Re: FAQ section?

" What you're looking for is much too specific - How to use specific
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Thanks, Herb.  I shall search out tutorials at the various places


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