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Just took my wife to the local "high end" sewing machine shop, she was
looking for a good quality sewing machine, and she picked up a Janome
Memory Craft 5000. she wasn't at all LOOKING for a embroidery machine
but the fact that this one had the capability was an added bonus.It
came with a bunch of memory cartridges and hoops and clothsetter-II
(and with a 1 year warranty, all for less than they are selling for on

I have been cruising the web trying to figure out the embroidery
(I'm a professional geek by trade and habit)

I was able to download and install the Customizer 2000 easy-edit and
easy-import software and they appear to be working though not very
intuitive to learn. and I'm rather unimpressed with the screen

from what I gather it only reads .sew type files. is this correct?
Recommendations on better programs available to create these files
would be appreciated.

Secondly, I need to figure out the blank memory card part and
programming them.

From what I can tell, it LOOKS like a standard Compact Flash card in a
PCMCIA compatible adapter is all that is needed. Is this correct?

If so is there a limit to the size of the CF card? for example can the
machine address (read) a 256mb card or 128mb or is it only capable of
reading smaller 16mb 32mb etc.

Re: Geek questions on Janome 5000 MemoryCraft
Two items

Embroidery machines are not usually the best sewing machines. The
timing and tensions are set up differently and usually tuned to do one
or the other well or both OK. We all do it anyway...LOL

JEF (Janome Embroidery Format) is a later format that may be
understood also.

The rest I know nothing about.

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Re: Geek questions on Janome 5000 MemoryCraft
Squid..maybe you'd like to join the Janome Memory Craft group where
everyone is friendly! /

Sorry I should have suggested this before I replied here.  JBJ is a
control freak who thinks he owns usenet!!  LOL


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