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first let me say i know absolutly nothing about embroidery i was given an
older embroidery machine it was put out as a Singer EU, Toyota POEM,
Viking Huskygram here is my problem i have read several articles and noone
offers any updates or help for this machine anymore the machine runs
through a pc and has no brain of its own the only pcs that i have that i
can hook this up to are an xp, vista , or a windows 2000 none of which
have a true dos system so i cant run the floppy disk software or know if
it is any good, i have read several different articles that say they have
installed this on a newer pc and have also read that it works only on a 98
windows computer so what i need to know is what exactly do i need to be
able to make this work i want to use this  to make stuff for kids in my
district and it is driving me crazy trying to figure it out please someone
out there if you can help i would appreciate it thank you just email me at


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