HELP... need info on original Magic Box

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I have an original Magic Box.  It was separated from the power cord when
we moved.  Can someone give me the information from the power supply?  The
model number, input, output, and the power schematic (the plus, minuses,
or half circles with dots) so I can get back to work?  I know this is an
old model, but it's all I have and I can't afford a new one!  ANY HELP IS

Heidi Malone

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Re: HELP... need info on original Magic Box

On 4/14/09 12:59 AM, in article
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Which company makes the Magic Box, Amazing Designs?  You might write Nancy
Zieman at or call her 800 number as I think she sold
them at one time.  Or Google: The Magic Box; you will probably retrieve lots
of information there.
Emily, who have never owned or seen one.

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