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Here I am again, with another request for help.  I've managed to get the 3D
software for Husqvarna, on Ebay, and am trying to learn to use it.  It's
supposed to be so easy to learn from the manual, that one doesn't need human
help, but that's not true!

For instance, it kept telling me it couldn't find the HASP security.  What
on earth is HASP?  Nothing in the manual mentioned such a thing. Then I put
in the dongle, and it worked!  Why couldn't they just have said "Please
insert the dongle"?

Now I'm trying to use the font Pristina, which I now have in my pc, but
can't find a way to add it to the ones in the system.  Surely that can be
done? I've searched the manual, but haven't found a part showing how to add
it.  Please help, if it's possible.  I have what I want of it in the wrong
format, but haven't found a way to change that either.  Is it possible?  I
certainly had the impression that it can be done with the 3D software.

TIA.  Joyce in RSA.

Re: Help, please!
"hasp" is the name of a company that manufactures USB or other port
security devices. The software looks for this piece of hardware, hung
on the side of your computer and decides whether to function or not.

Also known as a type of "dongle", "security key", "hardware
lock"..etc.. and sworn at a lot.

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Re: Help, please!
Joyce wrote:

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Because the people who write the manuals already know what they mean,
and never have to actually USE what they've written.  But since it
said "HASP security", you could have gotten a clue... that is, if you
knew that the dongle is their security device.  Google might have
helped too.

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Viking software can't use computer fonts directly. Here's what it CAN do:

Using Quickfont (and/or the Quickfont Wizard) you can convert an
existing Truetype font to Viking's 'nft' format. It will then be
accessible by using the "letter" tab in 3DEmbroidery and selecting the
category you assigned to it (Decorative, fun, etc).

You can also use 3DFontDigitizer to draw and create them from scratch.
Using that, you can have multi-color fonts.

I wouldn't recommend using Pristina, though. It has some extremely
fine strokes that probably won't stitch out well, particularly in
small sizes.

  - Herb

Re: Help, please!
Thanks, Herb and John.  I've been trying to put in the font, but the QF
wizard doesn't seem to accept a font which is not already in the 3D system.
It also says I can convert things to any format, including Husqvarna, but
when I put in the pes. format which I've been given for the words I want, it
tells me it can't accept them!  So how do I convert them?

Unfortunately, my computer gurus don't know anything about the embroidery
side, so can't help.  Why can't I import a design (the words) if I should be
able to change it to hus format?  And is it impossible to add a new font to
the list in the letter system?  My daughter really wants the pristina font,
but I may have to wait until I can show her the ones I have, to find the
nearest one, then it won't match her signs!

The HASP didn't say security, btw, it just said "HASP not found".

Joyce in RSA.

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Re: Help, please!
Joyce wrote:

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Convert what - and TO what?  What do you already have (be specific)
and what do you want to do with it?

If you already have the words in .pes format, it has absolutely
nothing to do with fonts. What you have is a design that happens to be
in the shape of letters. It might as well be a cat :) It's the
embroidery equivalent of a jpg file - just a PICTURE of words; As a
human, you can read it, but you can't edit the text in a word processor.

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If you want to create NEW words (new text) using the same shapes, then
you need the matching font (or a set of letter designs that was
created from that font).

For QuickFont to have access to a font, it must first be installed for

Do you have a truetype version of Pristina installed on your system?
Can you use it in Word or whatever word processor you have? If not,
you need to install it.

Once installed open QuickFont or QuickFontWizard, select the font, set
you options and go.  One of the options in QuickFontWizard is a
category under which to save. Includes Decorative, Fun, MyFonts, and
seven more. When you go back to 3D Embroidery and select the letter
tab, your font will ONLY appear in the list when you've selected the
same category in the 3DEmbroidery's font list.

You then enter the text you want. This has NOTHING to do with any
already existing files, .pes or otherwise.

- Herb

Re: Help, please!
I'm sorry, I've obviously not made my intentions clear.  I'm trying to do 2
separate exercises, whichever one works will be used.

Until very recently, I had only the very old customiser for my Husqvarna
Rose, which contained only a couple of fonts.  When my daughter wanted her
coffee shop name embroidered in the Pristina font, I was given the words as
embroidery files, but in pes., which keeps being rejected by the Husqvarna.

Having now acquired the new software and reader/writer, I thought I could
import the font, and make the embroidery that way.  however, although I have
the font in my computer now, I still haven't found a way to connect it to
the 3D system, which has a set of fonts quite separately from the pc ones,
and doesn't include Pristina.

Then I thought instead I could convert the pes. files to hus, or vp3, or
whatever, but haven't been able to import them because they're in the wrong
 I know I'm just not doing the right thing to make either of these exercises
work, but I haven't found anything in the manual to help solve either

Thanks for the help. Joyce in RSA.

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Re: Help, please!

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In 3D Organizer, find and select the "pes" file (by single clicking on
it). Then, select "Convert to Embroidery" from the "File" menu and
select "hus" or "vp3" and convert the file.


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