Help with sewing embroidery on knitted garment

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Has anyone done this and been really pleased with it.....How would you
advise me to do it.....All help and comments read and greatly


Re: Help with sewing embroidery on knitted garment
There is an article on this subject in the current (Jan/Feb) issue of
Creative Machine Embroidery.  It suggests that the item being
embroidered on be smooth with an even surface (no slub yarns, etc.).
Use a ballpoint needle.  Don't hoop the item - instead hoop the
stablizer and use spray adhesive.  Most designs are suitable for use,
however, outline details or designs that are mostly outline, are
likely to get lost in the yarn nap.  So if you use an outline design,
go over the stitches more than once..  Match embroidery threads to
yarn fibers, i.e. synthetic to synthetic, cotton to cotton, etc.

There is other information and a pattern for a crocheted cell phone
case, so I'd suggest trying to find it if you can.  :-)


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Re: Help with sewing embroidery on knitted garment
I did a few designs on knitted fabric, that didn't turn out right, but then
I put some iron on stabilizer on the back of the fabric, then put the tear
away stabilizer under that or even under the material in the hoop and it did
alright.  it would be better to use a sticky stabilizer and press the
material onto it, but if you don't have it, then just try that way, but you
do have to press the item of clothing after done with the embroidery, as the
hoop will leave an impression.  I did it that way, and it turned out ok.

good luck...Maine-iac Rose

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Re: Help with sewing embroidery on knitted garment
I had a sweater for my dad I wanted to embroider.  I dissolved some scraps
of water soluble stabilizer and then 'painted' the area with it.  I really
made it wet.  Then I let it dry completely then stabilized it top and
bottom.  It turned out good.

Re: Help with sewing embroidery on knitted garment
I have done this several times on hand-knitted garments for my
Hoop cutaway stabilizer not the garment. I then use  baste in the hoop which
I put around the design in in on Insert....then
basting stitches. I also use Solvy (wss) on top and away you go!


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Re: Help with sewing embroidery on knitted garment
This of course greatly depends on the weight and stretch of your material
and your stitch count and density
Without stretching you knit too much - what you want to achieve is a
"tambourine skin": type tension in your hoop in order to achieve proper
registration  & definition
 Therefore use a "Wet laid" non directional dense , soft cutaway -one layer
of the proper weight

A cutaway has longer fibers than tearaways allowing the threads to grasp
better and tighter
If you do NOT want to see the backing
Then try the "no show" mesh
Further if you want to eliminate adhesive sprays or basting
you can try the fusible iron on mesh

Please feel free to e-mail me off list for samples for your own tests.

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