Hi! Newbie here! I would like to try machine embroidery for the first time!

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I don't have any money right now so I ordered Brother E100 Embroidery
Applique Station on eBay for $65.  It should get here on Thursday.  I
can't find much information except for on the listing and amazon and
some price comparison and review sites I searched on google, not even
on brother.com.  It had both good and bad reviews.  I know I am not
expecting a lot from the machine since it's so inexpensive and small,
I think.  Does anyone have this machine or know anything about it?  I
thought it would be a good starter before I invest on something I
might not use?
Can anyone give any advice on digitizing?  I've just recently become
introduced to the term and embroidery designs.  I am a graphic
designer and I'm very interested in this but I don't know much about
it.  I saw on ebay some people sell designs.  I am interested in
designing my own embroidery designs as well as purchasing a few sets
and possibly selling my own designs or creating things with embroidery
to sell in the future either locally or via the internet or both.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a cheap but good embroidery
machine to start with?
I'm excited to get my E100 but I'm guessing I probably can't do much
with it.  It only prints 2x2 iron on appliques and I'm assuming I
can't download designs.  Does anyone know?

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