How Much Do They Cost?

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Brother Innovis Duetta 4500D embroidery, sewing and quilting machine

Re: How Much Do They Cost?
Cactusgem wrote:
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Why don't you contact one of the suppliers and ask them:

It does appear that all of them suppress the price from
their online sites....


Re: How Much Do They Cost?
BEI Design wrote:
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That usually means that they can play games with the price.  Offer
"packages" and adjust the price to fit - what they want to get, not what
you want to pay.  LOL.  It also means you can probably haggle.

stitches @
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Re: How Much Do They Cost?
Cactusgem wrote:

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Buying a sewing/quilting/embroidery machine is like buying a car -
only worse! First, it's a negotiating process - the markup is very
high and the dealers have LOTS of room to maneuver. And then it's
hard to compare prices across dealers, because often every dealer will
include a different package of options - software, amount (and
quality) of training, machine accessories, etc. We've seen very good
prices at county and state fairs (even bought one there once) but
during the fair local dealers will usually match the price ... once
you know what it is! And they often even negotiate their posted prices
at fairs.

Check  e-bay buy-it-now prices and use them as a bargaining chip.
DON'T BACK DOWN. Currently there's a $300 rebate from Brother - don't
let them include that in the price they quote you. [That is, don't let
them quote $1000 and then charge you $1300 because "we already took
the rebate into account"]

If you need a starting point, call any dealer (preferably NOT the one
you're likely to buy from) and ask.

  - Herb

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