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I have a question, here is the background.
I bought a Rose about 10 years ago, with the customising ware, and used it
quite a lot for several years.  When upgrading my computer I had to get win
98 restored, as the software would not work on the new winXP hd.

After I tried some new designs, the card for the machine stopped working,
and I started looking for a new one, which, for me as a pensioner, is pretty
expensive.  While searching on Ebay, we came across a new customiser, and
after checking that the card with it would work with my machine, bought it.
It cost a bit more than a new card, but I thought at least then I could use
it on the XP hd, which would be more convenient, and perhaps improve the
designs I'd bought, which were not very satisfactory with my old equipment.

When the new customiser arrived, I discovered there was no software with it,
as had been the case with the old one.   Searching again on Ebay, we found
some, labelled Viking's 3D Professional software.

My questions:  Is it any use trying to get software to use the new hardware,
or should I just see if anyone will swap a new card for the old equipment
for it?  If I can get the software on Ebay or elsewhere, what should I be
looking for, bearing in mind that a new machine is out of the question?
Would the 3D software have worked?

This is a very expensive lesson for me, and failing a win on the lottery,
could mean the end of my machine embroidery, although I have managed to get
a used card locally.  Anyone want to buy a second-hand Rose?

Joyce in RSA.

Re: Husqvana Rose.

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When you say "Customiser" are you referring to the reader/writer box,
the programmable card, or software?

I have a Rose, a parallel reader/writer, and Husq 95 customizing
software that I run from Windows Vista with no problem.

If you are having trouble running your software, you might be able to
adjust the compatibility settings. To do this, highlight the desktop
shortcut, then right click your mouse and select "properties" Click
the compatibility tab and select the windows version your software was
running with.

If you are having trouble with the reader/writer box you might check
out the amazing box to transfer your designs from the computer to the
sewing machine. A Google search should give you plenty of information.
Ditto for the programmable card.

Good luck--I really would be lost without my Rose!

Re: Husqvana Rose.
Thanks for your input, but that's not my problem.

My "customiser" (so labelled), is the reader/writer with the software and
programmable card.  The original one came as a package, and has been in use
with no trouble.  The problem arose when the card stopped downloading, so
that I couldn't change the designs, and a new card to fit the old R/W was
very expensive (to me).

I bought the new R/W on Ebay, thinking it would come complete with software
like the old one, but found after spending more than I had intended, that
the software had to be purchased separately.  My dilemma is that I might
spend more money I can't really afford on software to run it, and find that
it's the wrong thing for this hardware, and I'll be left with two lots of
equipment I can't use, instead of the one I have at present.

Do you have good results with designs purchased from the suppliers who
advertise on this group?  I have some mangled designs, and thought the new
R/W would give me better pictures on the design window, so that I could
interpret the colours better for my very much smaller palette.

I live in South Africa, many miles away from the nearest dealer, who has
very limited experience of the newer equipment.  The software I was
considering came up over a weekend, so I couldn't get advice about it in
time to bid, even by phone.

All I want is to know exactly what software to look for, to be certain it
will work with my new R/W.  I had been told the card would work with my
machine, but not that the R/W came without the software.

Joyce in RSA.

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Re: Husqvana Rose.
Have you tried using your old software with the new reader/writer box?


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Re: Husqvana Rose.

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Joyce, you may discover more over in:
Your dilemma is not new. You are not alone.

You would do well to read up on "How to"
posts over there. There is a lot of helpful
general information to be had without asking.



Re: Husqvana Rose.
the new software works with older 95/98 reader/writer box and card, you only
needed to buy the 3d software.

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