Husqvarna usb reader writer with Designer SE

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I had read a reply by gwh that 3D organizer would allow me to send designs
to my reader writer.  I try to activate the dongle in the 3D configure
area of the program and it tells me that it cannot find the dongle or that
it is corrupt.  Can someone please verify for me what program I need in
order to be able to use my usb reader writer for my Rose sewing machine.
Also please explain to me what a dongle is and where I should be able to
find it.  I am totally confused.  Thanks for any help you might be able to



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Re: Husqvarna usb reader writer with Designer SE
VWOODS6364 wrote:
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In this context, a dongle is a program security device. It's a piece
of hardware -

Some pictures here:

that plugs into a usb port (or older ones into a serial or parallel
port) and allows you to run the program it's associated with. When you
purchase the software, you get the dongle.

Some programs have been hacked to avoid the need for a dongle, mainly
to avoid their inconvenience. Some of these hacks are operating system
specific, so older ones may no longer work.

The word "dongle" has more recently been applied to other non-security
related devices such as antennas, blue-tooth, and wi-fi adapters.

  - Herb

Re: Husqvarna usb reader writer with Designer SE
On Thu, 16 Apr 2009 15:32:44 UTC, VWOODS6364_at_AOL_dot_
(VWOODS6364) wrote:

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As Herb mentioned, a dongle is a security device. 3D Organizer does not
require a dongle so there is no need to use the Activate Dongle function
in 3D Configure. If your reader/writer did not come with the Disk
Manager program, you would need to use the Send 1 and/or Send 2
functions from Organizer. You would set those functions (in 3D
Configure) to write/send designs to the memory card that came with the


Re: Husqvarna usb reader writer with Designer SE
I also have the Rose machine, and bought the 3D Embroidery system a few
months ago.  The 3D came with a dongle, which I must use to activate the
system.  With the dongle I have no trouble using the software, but it tells
me it can't operate if the "HASP" is not connected.  I had to figure out
that HASP meant the dongle.

Vicki, the dongle looks exactly like a memory stick, dark blue for the 3D,
and red for the 4D, and plugs into a USB port.

Joyce in RSA.

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