Identifying Janome sewing machine

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Hope all you folks have a safe and happy xmas

Now for my problem

My wife has owned for 20 plus years, a Janome sewing machine with these
numbers and such. Made by Janome in Thailand 73103309, on the it has Appr No

The machine is still in good working order, but my wife needs a idea as to a
maintenance program to carry. At the moment, the machine sews but the thread
seems to double up and comes out to fast when sewing.

Can any one help with a manual of any description.

Thank you


Queensland, Australia

Re: Identifying Janome sewing machine

Where and what thread comes out too fast?

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Re: Identifying Janome sewing machine

When was it taken in to the dealer for a good check-up and cleaning? Any
machine need to go in for this routine work at least once-a-year or more
often if it is used a lot.   A dealer would be the best person to tell you
the ways to solve this particular problem, and he/she could also set your
wife up with a good maintenance plan for that type machine.

-- Emily

Re: Identifying Janome sewing machine

After years of usage this is a very good idea. Just the thorough cleaning
and lube  they provide may be all that is needed.

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Re: Identifying Janome sewing machine

Bargain Box had written this in response to
Hi Peter

We are Janome Dealers in NSW.

Routine maintenance is sage advice from the previous respondents.

You have a Janome Model 360 as the "V" code is the indicator of this for
model identification.

Top Tension "normal" is set at 4

Try "flossing" with a scrap of clean cloth between the tension disks to
any lint/thread caught there.

Remove the Needleplate, Bobbin Case and Hook..clean all around this bobbin
with small brush, finish with tissue moistened with methylated spirit (or
rubbing alcohol for US readers) use a small tissue wrapped probe
screwdriver etc) to get into the tight corners.

Finding a Replacement Manual is difficult on the web, but they are still
available as a Janome Spare Part,

Order Code IB-360 priced at $22-00 AUD (+ any p&h)

Your nearest Dealer can be found using this link:

or if you would prefer to contact us, we can also assist



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Re: Identifying Janome sewing machine

Old manuals for older machines are always advertised on Ebay I got got one
for an almost identical machine to my old Singer
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Re: Identifying Janome sewing machine
Hi. How do you ID a machine? My wife has a Janome sewing machine about 30years old. The only thing it has on it is New Home and a serial number 629021671.
Any clues? We need to find a manual for it. Thanks.

Re: Identifying Janome sewing machine
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