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I'm new here and have a really dumb question...  My HP laptop seems to
have died and I am seriouisly considering buying an iMac.  I have a
Babylock Esante and use Palette v6 and Monogram Wizard plus.  I am willing
to upgrade my Palette if needed, but is anything in the Palette family
compatible with Apple computers?  Thanks so much!!


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Re: iMac compatibility
lpmoore wrote:

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What you CAN do is simply use Boot Camp or some other set-up that lets
you run Windows on the Mac along with MacOS. I don't know whether
things like dongles (or attached card reader/writers) are supported.
Needs some research.

Babylock Palette and Brother PEDesign (they're identical with
different labels) aren't available for Macs.

You might try googling for

     Embroidery Software Mac

to find embroidery programs that run on Macs.

And THEN do a lot of careful research - information about Mac
embroidery support isn't as widespread as for Windows systems.

- Herb

Re: iMac compatibility

I have a beat up old 486 laptop that runs 1 program, my embroidery stuff. For
some stupid reason there are no vendors that make a software program for Mac,
but the good thing is mac is much more dependable than PC!!!


On Thu, 6 Aug 2009 00:01:30 -0500, Herb wrote

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Re: iMac compatibility

What about the free software "StitchBuddy-Embroidery for Macs by Mathias
Arndt?  There was an article posted on the 9th of August about the new


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