Is cotton thread harmful?

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We took a little class on the Brother PE 770 last Monday.  Immediately after
that, we came down with the worst case of flu/allergy/cold in world's
history; haven't felt like seeing what/if we learned anything.  However (!)
I do remember the Brother lady saying that cotton thread on the upper would
cause eventual damage to the emb. machine and that would be very expensive
to undo.
    It was a great class and a wonderful shop; we'll hope to go back many
times.  I do wish we had asked further about the 'no cotton' warning.  Do
you imagine that was just 'her' shop's experience with cotton? or a 'real'
Brother proclamation?  Any thoughts?  Polly

Re: Is cotton thread harmful?
Polly Esther,
Madeira has a line of cotton embroidery thread and I've used it on both a
Pfaff  7560, my old, but good machine & the Babylock Ellageo I have now and
have never encountered a problem.

My suggestion is: Look at Madeira's and Brother's websites to see what they
say about using cotton embroidery threads.
It would seem to me if cotton is not to be used on a certain machine, one of
the sites would mention it.

The Babylock dealer here sells Brother and BL, and if I talk to him anytime
soon, I'll ask him.


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