Last few days - BOGO Sale & FREE DESIGN SET for everyone @ BFC!

Have a question or want to show off your project? Post it! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures!

Actual thread charts are well worth the investment! Though there are
many conversion charts and programs available, they often give you
choices. These options might be difficult to choose when seeing them
just on a computer screen. Nothing beats being able to hold up the
thread card to your stash and easily pick the right color! The time
savings is well worth the cost, and you can build up your stash of
charts over time.

Our fourth Anniversary BOGO sale continues until midnight, Dec 3, 2007
(EST). Suz has created a complete design set for all of you to
download to say thanks for all your support these past 4 years. .  Be
sure to get the free set during the BOGO sale because next Tuesday it
will be a regular for sale set.  You will find the link to the free
set underneath the BOGO instructions on the design menu: (The set  has
24 designs in 3 sizes for a total of 72 designs!  and even has a
freebie at the bottom. LOL)
BFC HINT:  If you're not familiar with our Club 100 Program or our
Referral Bonus program, check them out!  This is a great time to refer
people to BFC - the sale is going on, plus you and they will get Club
credits! (you can reach both of the links below form the home page)
BOGO BONUS:  Buy 5 sets during the BOGO sale (and get 5 free) and
receive $25 in your Club 100 account.  Be sure to read the BOGO sale
directions to assure you getting your designs quickly.  You can read
about the Club 100 by clicking on the link at the top of the Home Page
or Design Menu.  It's a way to earn credits towards more designs on
all your purchases at BFC!
BFC Stash - for Admelody rayon and poly thread
- you can download BFC design set thread lists and free designs

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