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I have a Mini Magic Box Plus converter for my Brother embroidery machine.
The computer I initially loaded it on went kaput overnight and was not
recoverable.  I am trying to re-install on my new HP computer and Magic Box
tells me I have to register the product.  When I do this, I receive a notice
that the software has been registered previously (duh!) and I need an
"activation code" to continue.  I have no idea what that is, it comes from
OESD evidently, and their support has been little help.  My question is
this:  Has anyone else had this problem? They (online support) Mickey Mouse
around with talk of "Vista problems" (I'm fairly computer literate and have
taken care of the Vista issues they describe), etc.   I can talk to a real
person tomorrow (Monday) but my free time is in the evenings after work and
on weekends.  Seems to be the same times support is unavailable.  I'm really
getting more and more ticked at this fabric arts business and their lack of
service while they go to great ends to protect their product from
unauthorized users, as I assume that is what is behind the "activation
code."  Any input will be appreciated.~~~

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Piracy is rampant in the "fabric arts business".

There are real issues involving Windows Vista and things like device
drivers. If your software uses a dongle, you may be out of luck even if
you obtain an activation code from the vendor. You would probably be
better off to dump Vista and "upgrade" to Windows XP.


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About Vista -
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