Metallic embroidery thread on silk

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I am about to embark on a project of embroidering a redwork large style
shell of St. James onto the front of an Altar Frontal for the Church. I am
using a copper colored metallic embroidery thread.  I am planning on using
the fusible, mesh type stabilizer for the back and water soluble for the

Working with metallic is a pain.  Can I use a white (or brown) bobbin thread
without having it look terrible?  The background fabric is a goldish tan.

Any other suggestions?  I have one chance to make this look right, or the
whole project is ruined.



Re: Metallic embroidery thread on silk
Do you have a similar color fabric, or a piece of the same one that you can
embroider a small design.
Then you will know if the brown thread would work.
What I have done is use the metallic thread in the bobbin rather than in the
needle, but I've only done designs built into the machine, not  a digitized

Re: Metallic embroidery thread on silk

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Could you experiment using a bobbin wound with the matching metallic thread?
That would help with any tension problems which my occur.

Re: Metallic embroidery thread on silk
What metallic thread are you using and are you using a metallic needle,
finally what machine are you embroidering with, this will give us a good
idea of what the problem is.  Metallic threads are fine if you get the
combination right.  It is important to use good metallic thread and a good
bobbin thread suitable for your machine.

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