Need help making patches

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Can anyone provide me a resource for creating custom patches?  Like a
"How-To" instruction including materials needed?

Re: Need help making patches

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I think that you are talking about a patch like those used by the Boy
Scouts--a round piece of fabric with some design embroidered in the
center, and a satin stitch band around the outside.

If so, here is one way to do this. Use your embroidery software to
create the interior design. Change color and create a simple circle
with a running stitch. This circle should be a little smaller than
final satin stitch band that will run around the patch. You are going
to use that circle as a guide to cut the fabric. Change color (you will
be cutting away the "extra" fabric around the outside before your
machine adds the satin stitch band around the outside). Now add the
satin stitch band around the outside. The outer edge of the satin
stitch band should extend a little further out from the center than the
running stitch that you will use when cutting the fabric. The inside
edge of the satin stitch band should extend a little further in than
the running stitch.

Hoop up your fabric and some tear away stabilizer (that's what I use,
you can adapt to whatever stabilizer you like). Let your machine
embroider the design up to and including the running stitch. At this
point remove the hoop from the machine (don't remove the fabric or
stabilizer from the hoop). Use a pair of fine scissors to trim away the
fabric (not the stabilizer) just outside of that running stitch (in a
moment you will add the satin band that will cover the cut you are
making). Leave the interior patch fabric attached to the stabilizer in
the hoop.

Put the hoop back in your machine and let your machine add the satin
stitch band around the outside of the patch, covering up where you cut
away the fabric. Now that all the embroidery is done, remove the hoop
and tear away the stabilizer. You should have a nice patch.

A few things to think about before you start. How big do you need to
make the satin stitch band so that you can cut away the fabric and
cover the cut? That depends on how carefully you can cut and how
accurate your machine is. Another factor to consider is the color of
thread. You want a color for the running stitch that you can easily see
when you are cutting. You don't, however, want the satin stitch band to
let that running stitch show through underneath.

Good luck.


Re: Need help making patches
Marie at My Embroidery Haven has done a lot of free patches.  She has
them in all sizes and shapes.  You do have to join the Yahoo group but
there is no mail just freebies that she sends out quite often.  

I have used several of the patches successfully.

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