New Free Charts @ BFC Stash!

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New Free Charts @ BFC Stash!

We've added some additional conversion charts for you to download.
We'll be adding more of these as fast as we can. A revised RGB chart
for Admelody Rayon is available for you to download. Many software
programs can use this file to import Admelody.

And a Admelody poly to Isacord chart will be available by Sunday.

Admelody Thread is getting rave reviews from our customers! They say
they can see why we have used it for so long. The prices are great,
there are loads of colors to choose from in both Rayon and Poly, it
comes in 1000m and 5000m, we have variegated and twisted threads and
it sews like a dream.

We have great specials on until the end of June where you can get free
designs along with your thread.

And we always have free shipping over $75 within the continental US!

We are also adding all of the BFC design set thread lists that use
Admelody thread. Check back often if you are looking for the list for
a particular set or email

Thanks for stopping by,

Suz and Kerrie

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