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This week I ordered a Brother Disney SE-270D sewing/embroidery machine
and am a little worried, is this a decent machine.   I have never
owned an embroidery machine before.  I live in the back hills of KY
and stores are all about 2 hours or more away.  I am wondering where
and what kind of thread I get for this machine and if there is place
on line for it.  Do I need an extra cartridge to load the thread in,
so I have two.  I presently have pneumonia and have really not looked
at the machine.  I am in the process of learning to quilt, too and
planned on doing that on my Pfaff, but is this machine good for small
projects?  Can anyone advise me on what extras I need for this
machine, like to they make a walking foot for it or any other type of
feet?  I admit I studied a lot of about machines and this is the only
one in my price range so I jumped on it.  I also got the PES Basic,
but it isn't here yet.

Any suggestions and advice would be appreciate.

thanks in advance,

Jacqueline in KY

Re: new to group
Welcome to the group!  We are always thrilled to have new members and among
us, we have, what I consider a wealth of information to draw on.
I am so sorry you are ill, pneumonia is a dangerous illness and can cause
havoc to people.  Ask me how I know. :)
Anyway, I know next to nothing about the Brother machines but I imagine
somebody will address them later.
I have a Pfaff 7560 embroidery and another Pfaff, called Satin & Denim.
Then, my DS, with whom I live surprised me with a BabyLock Ellageo for
Christmas.  I am slowly learning to use it, but I have had several things
going on, therefore have not been able to practice as I'd like to do.
I order thread and other supplies from several sources including Treadleart
and Atlantic Thread & Supply.  For fabrics, I like mostly cottons, and
e-Quilts is a favorite source.
Later today, I'll get one of my Sew News magazine and send you a list of
websites, both my eldest DD, who sews as much as me use to buy thread &
supplies, including needles.
I live in NW Harris County, some 6-7 miles outside the city limits of
Houston, TX, but am originally from a small town in mid-MS.

Re: new to group
Hi Jacqueline
I am also new to the group.

I have 2 embroidery machines. My first was the Brother PE150.  It is
very similiar to the 270
D.  I still like it very much.  I have had it for 2 years and havent
had a problem with it.  I also have a new Babylock Ellure.  Both
machines use the .pes format, so all designs are interchangable.  I
also have two of the PED basic reader/writer boxes.  They are extremely
easy to use.  They both came with a blank card, so I can download
designs off the interent and transfer them to either of my machines
with the cards. I also quilt with both machines using outline quilt
designs.  I am sorry you are ill at the moment.  Get well fast and I
hope you have a great time with your new machine.
Pam in Oregon

Jacqueline in KY wrote:
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Re: new to group
Hi Jacqueline,

I just joined the group as well.  I have the Disney machine like you
have.  I really like it.  I've had it since October.  I haven't made
many things yet, but I have done a Mickey Mouse head and a few
monogrammed pieces.  It is extremely easy to use.  It took me a month
to take mine out of the box and plug it in.  I was a wee bit
intimidated by it at first.  If you spend a great deal of time reading
the book as I did, you will be convinced that you will either A) blow
up the machine; B) put out your eye with a shattering needle or C) both
A and B.  I am proud to report that neither has happened.

I bought most of my supplies off eBay with the exception of the
stabilizer (I buy that at JoAnns when the notions wall is 1/2 off).
There are several places that sell spools of machine embroidery thread
on eBay.  I got 100 different color spools of shiny rayon (that fit in
the thread cartridge) for $99.  They were drop shipped from India and
the color codes do not match those listed in the color charts, but I
just match them as closely as I can.  With 100 different colors I can
get pretty close.  I just search on "machine embroidery".  The thread
is pretty good.  I only had one thread break so far.

DH got me the ultimate box for Christmas/birthday.  It comes with
software and memory cards much like the PED.  I got the wrong card, so
I haven't installed the box yet.  I'm waiting for the new card to
arrive.  I have also purchased some of the Brother embroidery cards off
eBay.  They are pricey, but I used the money Mom gave me for Christmas
for the cards (I asked for the cards, but she couldn't find them in
south LA).  I'm sure there are places here in the Dallas area to buy
the cards, but I don't have the time or energy to find them.  Once I
get the card, I will try to figure it out.

Get well soon!  Pneumonia is not to be taken lightly.  I had it a
couple of years back, trying to be all tough, I went to work anyway.
For my pride i got an extra four weeks of being really ill.  Take it


Re: new to group
Well, I finally learned to wind the bobbin today and without me
noticing it, it came off and now the bobbin thing, just below it has
all kinds of thread around it, going to take patience, which I have
little of these days to get it off there.  But I did learn to do that.
I have the cats and dog card or one of them but other than that I just
got a blank card and have downloaded several pes files on line. I wish
I could afford the upgrade to basic program is it PE 7 or something
like that.  

Jacqueline in KY

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