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Hi everyone I'm new to the group and just bought a Brother Disney
embroidery machine  rom ebay and waiting anxiously or it to arrive.Does
anyone have this machine. I'm wondering where to find good prices on the
design card and also are most card compatible with all machines. I'm
very  new to all of this  and have lots of questions. I'm hoping to use
this as a money making craft. Thanks for any help in advance oh and
sorry for any typo"s I may have missed my keyboard and web tv have been
a pain this morning.                                Linda

Re: New to group
Hi Linda,

Congrats on the new machine,  you will love it.  I have a BabyLock
Espree 2,  and there are many similarities between the machines.  When
buying the embroidery cards,  and using the designs to sell,  REMEMBER
to be aware of copyright laws.  Some you can use that way,  many you
cannot.  I would think Disney would never ever allow their designs to be
stitched and sold without a license.  I have a bakery,  and we are not
allowed to even draw anything on a cake that resembles a Disney
character.  The fines for doing this are pretty high.  And yes,  people
get caught doing it all the time.  Don't go there.  But I did want to
tell you that there are many brands of cards that would be compatible
with your machine.  One website to check out is  And when
you get your machine,  learn your format,  so that when you might order
a card or two,  you know exactly what version you are needing.  Once
opened they rarely allow you to return them.  I have bought many  and do
a lot of embroidery that way.  I don't have the time to look for designs
online,  many of which are freebies.  So I buy cards that have great
versatility,  and I have learned how to use parts of this card,  and
parts of that card,  creating a lot of different things.  (I don't sell
any of this stuff- just for enjoyment)  Get a good book for beginners,
read your machine's manual,  learn all about stabilizers,  and browse
the internet.  You have a lot to learn,  but it is so much fun.  It
really does get addictive.  Enjoy- Karen in NWPA

Re: New to group
Thanks Karen what great advice. I know about  Disney and other
copyrights.I will be careful.We live in a big 4H area and what I was
hoping to sell would be 4H related . Lots of animals ,farm  stuff that
should be safe. I would use disney or my Grand kids.Can't wait to get my
machine and get started.It sounds like I have alot o work ahead of me
and hopefully some fun too. Where are you from? Couldn't  figure out
the initials! I'm from Conewango Valley N.Y. Very small country town. We
have a feed mill, post office and a what not shop.  Thanks again  Linda

Re: New to group, Bless us ALL with:
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Hi Linda, Welcome to our little corner of the Internet :-)
Friendly as we are none of us (who know) will ever give out RL
info in a post or in eMail when using these Groups... or _any_
online embroidery Froup for that matter. Too many sticknoses
around these days, ones that have evil intent.
Best way to have fun is:
1. Read up on Security - "How to Information" posts in
<> will help some.
2. Practise what you read.
3. Always read the NG before you post (anything) so you have a
'feeeeel' for the Group in knowing "who is who"

There are some tips to start with...enjoy :-)


Re: New to group
On Aug 19, 6:54 am, wrote:
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Hi Linda!
Just thought I'd put in my two cents(ha)  I own a viking and a brother
6 threader.  Still learnin how to use both machines.  I work part time
at a viking center inside a JoAnns and the best advise I have is that
you get a card reader/writer for your machine.  You can use this to
download designs from the internet for from cd's to your machine.  You
need the card reader/writer and the program that goes with it to use
on your computer.  I agree with Karen, just be sure you check the
copywrite laws.  You can make things to give to family and friends but
you can't sell ithese items.  I'm having fun with my machines and
getting to know others with machines.  I like having a place to got to
if I got questions and get some helpful hints.  Since you asked where
Karen lived, I'll tell you where I live. Aurora, Texas,  Just above
Ft. Worth.  I'm a colorado girl.  Raised there and would love to get
back but son and wife are here as well as my new little
granddaughter.  So it looks like it's Texas for us.
I live in the country but the city is coming full steam ahead.  May
need to consider moving a little further away to stay in the country.
Nice talking to you:  Cheryl

Re: New to group
Hi Linda,

We also live in the country,  and have a 100 acre farm.  I bought the
embroidery card Brother # 42,  which is all farm things,  for a quilt I
made for my grandson a few years ago.  The fabric was all John Deere
prints,  but then in some of the solid fabrics I embroidered these farm
images.  I have also used it on a few jeans jackets for grandkids as
well.  You might just love that card.  You can find these cards not only
on the AllBrands website,  but also by googling Brother embroidery cards
too.  I have ten grandkids,  and one more due in late December,  so lots
of children to sew for:-)  I live in Northwest PA,  not sure how far
that is from you.  We are close to the NY border.  Also a very small
country town,  but not far from interstates and bigger towns.


Re: New to group
I got my machine today and can see I have a lot of reading and studying
to master this.Hope its not more than I can handle. Karen I'm about
forty five minutes from Erie and about twenty five from Jamestown.
Maybe we are neighbors!

Re: New to group
Linda--  our kids went to school in Erie,  both grade school and high
school.  So you cannot be too far from here:-)  You are definitely this
side of Buffalo.  

You will love this machine, but yes,  it does take time to learn it all.
But each project is great fun,  and should just open up all kinds of
ideas for you.  The possiblities of what to do next are just endless.
My imagination tends to go from one thing to the next.  


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