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Hello to All
First of all, I am new to "newsgroups" Is there an etiquette or rules page
somewhere that I should read before posting any further?
Talk to you all soon I am sure :)

Re: New to List
Welcome to our group.  Yes, there is an etiquette posted somewhere for
newsgroups, but I think this covers it in a nutshell.  If you post stories
about your sewing experiences, tell us about what items you are creating,
and/or ask questions as you did about font software, or about sewing in
general, you will always be welcome here.  Newsgroups are for discussions,
and very definitely not for selling items and posting photos is a no-no, as

Re: New to List
Thanks for the info Emily!!
Can I ask someone to digitize something? Or is that a NO NO? :)

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Re: New to List

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Not Emily here, but I'll wade in with my opinion:  you can
*ask*, and then it will depend on others in the group if
they want to digitize for you.  Be sure the artwork you are
supplying is either *original* (created entirely by you) or
is something you *own* (something you had created and paid
for).  No one wants to be caught in the middle of a lawsuit
by, for instance, Disney, etc.

Also, it's a good idea to specify what format you need, what
size, how many color changes, type(s) of fills, etc. Any
details that are important to you.


Re: New to List
Thanks to Beverly and Herb for your responses!
:) And the warm welcome

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Re: New to List
sewlittletime wrote:

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Yes .. but read on ...

It's generally not a good idea to use your real e-mail address in
public newsgroups - that's just an invitation to the spam bots
(robotic programs that scan newsgroups to find working addresses to
add to  spam mailing lists). Some people just "munge" their addresses
so that they can be interpreted by people - for instance with a note to take off your shoes. Others,
like me, simply don't do personal email. And some DO use a real
address, and since they continue to do so, it can't be ALL bad :)

Now, back to your question.

Because this is NOT a binaries group, messages can't be posted with
attachments here. Many news servers (in your case,
will either strip off the attachment or not post the message at all.
That's why CypSew said "no pictures".  You CAN post a link to material
that's on a website, though.  And to get your digitized design back,
it too would have to be either on a website or be done by someone
who's willing to email it to you.

There IS a binaries group that specializes in machine embroidery,
where you CAN post an image to be digitized and receive the result
back in the newsgroup. That's Unless
Mountain cable doesn't carry the binaries groups, you can get to that
group the same way you found this one. Just a word of warning - that
group often resembles an urban battlefield! But it's perfectly safe to
stay on the sidelines and not get involved; I frequently digitize
requests that are posted there (if they're easy!)

Welcome aboard!

   - Herb

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Re: New to List

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ahh..yes Herb, that it does from time to time :-D
However were some to pay more attention to their read _and_
others check their Samaritan Badge at the door, the scrawny old
hags/hobgoblins dressed in goldenNET nightmask and fine linens
would not the chauvinist attract..mmmm..heh heh ..mmmmm???

        "and the crows squawk on..tis safe here
        on the fence"

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And very helpful that is too. as important as the watertank is to
the dust in the urban zones<g>

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        ditto !
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Re: New to List


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Hi <sLt>, You will have gathered from Herbs response earlier, and
your current read of ABCP, the distinct difference in what Emily
advises and what is the actual reality (virtual).
Emily, like many in "craft groups"assumes you were asking about
"rules" as found in Web forums.
Usenet Newsgroups, in what is known as the Alt.* hierarchy, have
*no* rules, as such. What is available are Guidelines. Guidelines
you can choose to follow or not follow.
These consist of:

RFC's - these dictate how Usenet posts are best built
    and retrieved. /

FAQ's - these publications vary, depending on forum use, and
therefore most well populated and committed forums have one,
specifically for those who expect an introduction to be available
off-line, just as you so rightly did.
<asm-e> has no FAQ published regularly. There is a very loose
agreement on Advertising and Product 'enhancement'.
The nearest this NG came to having a FAQ published was this post.

As an aside.. the most usefull tool you will find on Usenet is
"Google". Not the Google you may be well familiar with but the
Google linked to below. The  Google that was formerly DejaVU -
before Guggle bought the archives and partially screwed them
over. They are still very useful in discovering what has already
been posted on Usenet as information.

Herbs references are accurate as usual, but he really should have
mentioned that there is a plethora of FAQ postings available in
ABCP. Much of which also address _all_ respects of etiquette
required _anywhere_ in Usenet communities.

I know you have not read some of the most important material as
your first binary (file) post is OBZ.
You are far from alone, that faux pas is possibly the most common
error for users of the software you are using to read and post to
This post in ABCP explains more.
"{attn]_ Newcomers+Olds   - updated How To_information only -
[F]requently[A]sked[Q]uestions [rev:28.02]"

As a final point?
Newsgroups are much much more than discussion.
I wish you the very best in joining us (regulars) in discovering
that Fact :-)
        welcome to Usenet.


Re: New to List
Thanks for the welcome from all who responded. I have checked all the links
provided and secretly was hoping for the "dummies guide" to newsgroup
postings....unfortunately no such animal exists as far as I can see.
Therefore, if I have done or do something out of the "norm" please inform me
and I will correct it if I am able... lamens terms work best for me. Great
group BTW :)

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Re: New to List
sewlittletime wrote:
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Over in the newsgroup alt.sewing, several people have
contributed to an FAQ, you might find this helpful:

All new posters, please read the following FAQ:

[Regulars here can ignore]

This FAQ was compiled by several regulars here:

Welcome Sewists and new posters!  Here are some
guidelines to posting to the sewing newsgroups. In case
you are wondering   where you are and how you got here,
you are in a newsgroup,  AKA "Usenet" which is a part of the
internet that has been around much much longer than the www,
which it is not a part of. These groups are not moderated.

This information is protocol and etiquette that has been
in use for over *20* years on Usenet (newsgroups are Usenet)
have edited this from these sites:
Also, link to the news.newusers.questions web site, ,

If you are seeking information on a common topic, try
doing search at
Then, if you don't find your subject, post a basic question
the group.

Be precise in your requests for information.  If you are
seeking help on a technique, or are having a problem, the
more information you give, the more someone will be
likely to be able to help you with your request. Put some
thought into your header:  "problem" or "I need help" are
much more likely to be ignored than a specific header
such as " help: facing has wrinkles" or "where can I find
fine linen".

There is a "what machine should I buy" FAQ.

NO Advertising. NONE. No commercial ads, no auction
notices,  no eBay announcements, no "for sale"  private
party ads,  no links to a commercial site; nothing. There
are marketplace groups for ads.
Ever been to a
Usenet group that has more ads than posts?  This also
includes one line posts announcing commercial sites.  And
this is a grey area, but in past discussions the
overwhelming majority are in agreement that all ads need
to go to the marketplace.  If you would like to know more
about advertising on Usenet, here's a link  link to it:
Advertising on Usenet: How To Do It, How Not To Do It

Please don't argue with us about it should be OK for
**you** to do it.

Edit your replies.  If you are replying to a post that is
rather lengthy, use your editing functions to pare the
message down.  If you reply without leaving a portion of
the request in, and the header isn't clear, many people
will not know what you are posting about.  If the subject
changes in the course of a reply, change your header so
that people will know what your post is about.

The sewing newsgroups are pretty chatty. Keep in mind
that not everyone may be interested in the non-sewing
chatter about kids, cooking, pets, parenting, religion,
whatever.  It's polite to put an OT for OFF TOPIC in the
header, either if the thread has "derailed" to not be about
sewing anymore, or if it's obviously not sewing related.

Please do not top post: this is putting your answer above
the comment you are replying to. It's hard to track the
conversation when you do this.

This is a public forum, and an international one.  There
may be hundreds of people reading your posts. Many people
have to
pay for their download/online time by the minute which is
main reason for keeping headers concise and posts succinct.
Also, don't assume that everyone is in the USA; they are

No photos. This is not a binary group. Please post photos
to the web and put up a link. NO HTML either, this is a
text only forum.

Signature files:  No more than 4 lines please.
(bandwidth again)  If someone is a participant in the
group, it is considered acceptable to list business
information in the signature file.

No "me-too ism": it's a waste of bandwidth. So is, "I
know I saw something somewhere...."

Remember this is a public, unmoderated forum that
reflects each of us as individuals. If someone's posts
drive you nuts on a regular basis, you can make them "go
using a killfile. This is an option in most
newsreader software that will block any posts by a
specified sender.  For the how on killfiles see:
Killfile and Anti Troll FAQs at .

Spam is any form of unwanted posts or email, usually
commercial and unsolicited.

Please don't ask for an email only reply.  DL put it very
well: "I don't normally send an email copy unless it's
specifically requested, and I usually won't respond at
all to someone who says, "I don't normally read this
group, so please send me an email copy," but I don't mind
at all sending a copy to someone who says, "I read this
group regularly, but a lot of posts never make it to my

The difference is that the first person is basically
saying, "I'm too busy and too important to be bothered
with checking in the newsgroup for answers. I don't value
your time in composing a response, and maybe spending
some time doing research to answer the question, but _my_
time is
too valuable to waste coming back here to read it.  I also
care if anyone else is able to benefit
from the responses--just send me the email."

Many many people have contributed to this over the years.
to all for links, editorial comments and input.
<end quote>=================================

This group seems a little more open to ads, as long as they
are short and stay on topic.


Re: New to List

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I can see no better example of "lamens [sic] terms" than the
immediate followup to your post:
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 08:59:49 -0700

Are you able to read that post?
Seems not so as you responded to mine with a top posted response.
Something that is made quite clear in my post and that posted by
Beverly as a good way to piss folks off.


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