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I'm new to the group so I don't fully understand how this group
works.  Are people here digitizers and are sharing designs.  I'm new
to degitizing so I'd appreciate any help and am willing to some
digitizing for free so that I can learn more.  I learn best by trial
and error so do I just do some designs and offer them up or what?  My
company name is Capturing Life's Memories and we do embroidery, video
photo albums, picture taking, and capture people's memories for them
so they can pass them on to the next generation.  We always say,
tomorrow.  Well sometimes tomorrow is to late.  I'm enbroidered
quilts, anniversary and wedding articles and fsl items.  Well Now I've
jumped in so will you please let me know if this group is where i can
share and get ideas or do I need to find another group?
Thank You!
Capturing Life's Memories

Re: Newbie
Just read and copy.

Binary files cannot be posted here and most newsgroup handlers will
not pass them on, anyway.

For binary files see Beware of the
mental illness running rampant there.

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Re: Newbie
If you should go to  "", beware the
malignant "troll" who plagues the group and tries to control it (he
uses many, MANY different ID's).


On Mon, 13 Aug 2007 21:42:12 -0500, "John    Bengi"

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Re: Newbie
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 Hi Cheryl, you have maybe figured out by  now that your
 are 100% FOS ?

Never mind, happens in the best of sewing circles <bg>
A word of caution with doing your business (kind of) around
Usenet groups. It is not encouraged, at all. And for good reason.

When you want technical help, post anonymously and post often
(give back) ..there's some useful help for you :-)



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