Oriental Lace & a Lion Window @ BFC !

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Though our tendency is to think we need a thick needle for dense
designs, a finer one usually works better.  The fine needle slides
through the existing stitches more easily.

NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun
sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES.

*WINDOW - LION* by Fred  A magnificent companion to Fred's Tiger!
This one even comes in 4x4 size.  Watch next Tuesday for the Tiger to
go on sale and also have a 4x4 size.

*ORIENTAL LACE - FAUNA*  A set of designs to stitch on fabric, organza
or tulle. Cranes, a tiger, a dragonfly and more.  No jumps for quick
and easy stitching.  There will be a companion set next Tuesday of
Oriental Floral designs. A BONUS for buying both sets.  Can be used
for everything from quilts to sun catchers!

*BIRD OF PARADISE* by Fred A set of 8 gorgeous Bird of Paradise
Flowers - 4 to make into a stunning picture and 4 to use to decorate.
You can see the finished picture and a purse made with one of the
flowers on the page.

*BYZANTINE QUILTING SET* This quilting set includes a regular design
version and a QUILT IN THE HOOP version.  The designs come from a
Victorian Tile Catalog and were based on a Byzantine carpet.


*GARDEN QUILT SQUARES*  Designs to use for quilting projects - even
can be done in the hoop if desired!

*WINDOW - OWL* by Fred Piercing eyes amidst lush green foliage.
Another must see Window set.

*FLORAL GARDENS LACE* Designs taken from a summer garden to adorn all
kinds of items!  There is even a sample curtain with a deep border
done on organza (without any stabilizer - easy)

NEW SALES!! Ends Next Tuesday 12:01 AM Eastern US Time
(1 minute past midnight Monday night)

Geisha Accessories
Oriental Tranquility
Geisha Set Three
Geisha Scenic Elements
Tropical Birds

Ends Next Tuesday 12:01 AM Eastern US Time (1 minute past midnight
Floral Gardens Lace
Postcards - Japanese

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