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Always check the number of colors in your design

against the color chart supplied by the digitizer

to make sure your machine is recognizing all the

stops. Sometimes opening and saving a design in

a program other than what it was digitized in can

combine colors. If this happens try re-loading the

original design directly into your machine or

contact the digitizer for help.


NEW DESIGNS: All new designs are on INTRODUCTORY PRICING (except fun
sets) and all have FREE SAMPLES. Be sure to collect all the prior free
designs on the design set pages!

*PARAKEETS & COCKATIELS* by Fred The second of Fred's Small Pet
Birds designs. These are gorgeous!

*LOVEBIRDS AND FINCHES* by Fred Fred has started some sets of birds
- especially the smaller birds often kept as pets. As always his
birds are very realistic and done in beautiful colors!

New designs added to both the Australian Pre Pay sets - purchasers can
use your delivery links to download the new designs.

*WINDOWS ON THE WORLD - AUSTRALIA* The latest in the Windows on the
World Series. Kay, from Australia, helped Suz design this one and I
think it looks great! A little bit of the old, the new and the
gorgeous National and State flowers.

*AUSTRALIAN WINDOWS DESIGNS* The designs from the Window set above.
You can use them as individual designs or combine them with the window
set for a great quilt.

*AUSTRALIAN BACKPLATE* Because many of us on this side of the world
don't know the names of the various Australian flowers, this set
creates a backplate you can put on the back of your Window. It can
also be used in combination with the other two sets for larger
projects and quilts. NOTE: I have learned that Waratah can be spelled
two ways! And of course I chose the least common. LOL I have added
squares with the common spelling and will send them out today to those
that have already purchased.

BONUS: Buy both the Australian Window and Designs sets above and get
the Backplate set free.

All Sales End Tuesday 12:01AM Eastern US Time
(1 minute past midnight Monday night
Window - Sunflowers & Finches
Window - A Cardinal
Window - The Battle
Floral Gardens Lace
Floral Paisley Lace

Sales Ending Next Tuesday
All Sales End Tuesday 12:01AM Eastern US Time
(1 minute past midnight Monday night)
Western Sketches
Window - Cheetah

BFC Stash - for Admelody rayon and poly thread - you can download BFC design set thread
lists and free designs.

Thanks, Kerrie

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