Pfaff Creative Vision vs Custom Designs

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I've recently plonked down the money on a Creative Vision, but I'm all
kinds of lost on what I need for creating my own designs. I'm
something of a pro at Photoshop, do I just need Pfaff's Digitizer
software to convert from there or can I get by without it?

Re: Pfaff Creative Vision vs Custom Designs

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Your dealer, or the person, who sold you the machine should know the answer
to that question.  Pfaff also has a website for questions and answers, I
just don't know the name.  Maybe or something similar.The
dealer should also have that info.

Re: Pfaff Creative Vision vs Custom Designs

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There are many programs - most will allow you to write the .vp3 (Pfaff
CV) format.  The name brands are all pricey $1000 - 2000.  Then there
is embird which started as public domain and is about one fourth the

Questions to ask:  How often will you use the software.  If its daily,
then maybe buying the more expensive for all the steps it saves you is
worth it.  If its only occasional, then embird may be enough.  I've
heard owners of multiple machines sing the praise of the three
biggies: 4D, masterworks, and Bernina system 5.  You can also buy a
basic version and then buy additional modules/capabilities as you need

You may also sit in on a class at a dealer to see if its something you
can handle and does what you want.

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