problem with singer psw 1.1 software

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hello  I sold my psw 1.1 software with the xl 150 machine to someone who is
having problems opening the program they downloaded everything even the
updates for xp and first it said can not read card reader but now it is
saying need a driver we have no clue of what driver they all ready installed
the software 1.0 and 1.1 several times and it still is asking for it does
anyone have any suggestion? they are getting upset and I don't blam them so
am I Please I would appreciate any help.


Re: problem with singer psw 1.1 software
I don't know the specifics about the computer they are trying to use
(as they were not provided), but I would guess that this is a newer
computer without a native serial port and I would further guess that
they are probably using a serial port to usb port adapter to plug in
the card writer.

IF the above is true, the problem probably lies in the adapter not
being compatible (or it's is incorrect installation)..

These adapters work well for some people, and not so well for other
people.  The success using them varies from adapter brand to adapter
brand. (In other words, not all adaptors are truly bi-directional, and
this can cause problems)

Under XP, first they have to install the software for the USB to
serial port adapter, and then plug the adapter in.. once they have
done that, they can then attempt to install the PSW software.

If they plug the adapter in first before installing it's software, the
set up will most likely fail.  If they have installed the adapter
correctly, and they cannot get the PSW to install correctly,  the
adapter is incompatible. The choices at this point are to either try a
different company's serial port to USB port adapter, OR to install a
serial port card inside the computer to get a more "native" serial



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