Problems with Brother Embroidery Machine.

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Hello, all.

I'm asking this for my mother who is having some problems with a
recently purchased Brother embroidery machine.

The problem is, that with some patterns, the pattern itself does not
completely fill in within the borders. It looks as if in some places
the border is just a few millimters 'off' of the actual pattern.

Does anyone know what could cause this? It seems like the patterns
that came pre-loaded onto the machine work fine, but she has bought
some patterns on CD, and transferred them over to a USB drive to use
on the machine. Could it be the patterns, or some other problem? Maybe
not the right weight of backing, or the material is too tight on the
hoop, or not tight enough?

Any input?

Thanks. :)

Re: Problems with Brother Embroidery Machine.

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Yes (!)  Any and all of the above are possible.  If the built-in designs are
working ok, then it might just be that the patterns she bought on CD aren't
well digitized. Try some other designs.  There are freebies available at /.   Click on "Designs" and then pick a category
with the asterisk, which indicates free designs.   Of course, there are lots
of free designs on the web, but the ones at this site tend to be good.  (Not
affiliated with that site in any way, and not even a member anymore!)

If the fabric slips in the hoop for whatever reason, it can cause stitching
to be off.  Outlines tend to be the stitching that is most noticeably off
when that happens.   The bigger the hoop, the more likely it is to give a
problem, but I've had it happen with the four inch hoops too.   I haven't
noticed problems with my machines lately (I have two Brother machines, a
180D bought six years ago, and a more recently purchased 1500D) and that
might be because I'm no longer scrutinizing them as closely (!) or because
I've just gotten better at hooping.  Hooping is a skill that takes practice,
and sometimes you just flub it up.  Also some fabric is tougher to keep from
slipping.   Some people wrap the sides of their hoop (leaving the corners
free) with tape to help keep the fabric taut but I've never done this.

I doubt it's a problem with the machine itself.  My Brother machines have
been very reliable and I use them a lot. Good luck!


Re: Problems with Brother Embroidery Machine.

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It's a problem of traction of the woven. You must set up with the program
the under seam * and use a rigid base (like the woven used to make collar of
the shirts), and don't forget to set the traction compensation * on

* You need it for large surfaces...



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